• 25 Jul

    Deconstructed Screen Printing

    My friend Michelle Sirois Silver very generously hosted a small group of artists in her studio last week to do a quick workshop on deconstructed screen printing. It’s similar to regular screen printing but we made our screens by placing textured surfaces under the screen and then coating the screen until fully saturated with ink. […]

  • 22 Jul

    Sashiko Stitching and Embellishing Clothes

    Summer is the time I break out the maker side projects, and often they are textile-related. Last year I made t-shirt yarn and braided rugs, and this year I’m improving my hand stitching. On the weekend I started with repairing a hole in a pair of Boris’ shorts using a piece of fabric and a […]

  • 20 Jul

    Designed to Speak

    Designed to Speak is an outlet of inspiration for designers and design enthusiasts profiling creative people of all disciplines with the objective to help inspire and engage the design community. I did this interview all the way back in April 2014 with Trevor Jansen and Mahyar Saeedi. I was asked to share my thoughts on making by hand […]

  • 18 Jul

    Stone Soup and Creative Mornings Vancouver

    Trevor Jansen is a long time volunteer with Creative Mornings Vancouver, and he has created many wonderful pieces of video content for the organization over the years. At the recent CMvan event at the beginning of July he premiered his latest video project inspired by the story of Stone Soup as told by some of the […]

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