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As part of the outreach activities during my residency at The Leeway I’m hosting a Vancouver Draw Down event called, Drawing Together. I’ve also brought in Creative Mornings Vancouver as a partner with Emily Carr University of Art and Design to help present and promote the event.


I will be facilitating the activity in collaboration with Christina Norberg. Together we will create a single large scale drawing along with workshop participants, using simple drawing techniques accessible to all skill levels. I really want to reach those people who think they can’t draw because this is exactly the story I told myself for the longest time.

The full description of Drawing Together can be read here. The activity is also free and open to everyone.

Drawing Together with Creative Mornings Vancouver & Emily Carr University
Date: Saturday June 20th
Time: 10am to 2pm
The Leeway at Emily Carr University of Art + Design
1399 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Room 276, North Building

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I’m three weeks into my residency at The Leeway and I feel like I’m making good progress on my project. I’ve decided to explore traditional pattern making as my focus for the next few months, and these are the two pieces I’ve cut so far.

On the left is a Japanese textile pattern, and on the right is Islamic geometric design used in architecture. Each one is cut from a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ white card stock, and the design area is 5″ x 7.5″. The large white border around the cut areas will eventually be folded so they become 3D. I’m still refining the details on that part of things.



I’m using low quality inkjet prints as my cutting templates. The second photo here is of what remains of these prints after I’m finished cutting. They are delicate pieces of paper which I’m also holding onto.

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I dropped in on the 2015 Grad Show at Emily Carr a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share my favourites from the exhibition. The show just came down this past weekend, so it’s too late to see these for yourself.

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show
Sediments by Madeline Kloepper

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-2
Two Thoughts on the Landscape by Dan Brown Hozjan

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-3
Causeway by Carly Mucha

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show
Inheritance by JunXiang Shao

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-5
Untitled by Hee Yun Kim

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-6
Fertility Fest by Emily Beattie

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-7
This is Dread, this is absurd and I see now the Devil is Bones, Just Bones by Nomi Chi

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-8
Collected Meditations by Alison McLeod

I’m definitely attracted to certain kinds of work, especially when it involved pattern, textures, and line work.