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I’ve been taking the bus more often this summer because of my trips across town to The Leeway studio. I use paper tickets, and at one point realized there were a whole lot of them in my bag. So I decided to consciously collect them and see how many I would end up with.


The pile of tickets pictured here is from a fairly short amount of time, which makes me wonder how many I would now have if I’d done this from the start of summer.

I don’t yet have any specific plans for these but I’m going to continue collecting the tickets and see what they eventually become.

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August 31st, 2015 | 2 Comments »

Last week was my final few days of working from The Leeway Studio at Emily Carr, and I spent the time making one last series of prints. I reused some of the stencils I created for a previous batch of prints to make these ones.

Crazy colourful screen prints

Crazy colourful screen prints

I chose the colours from the left over inks and made up the composition as I went along. I love the crazy colours and busy layered patterns of this series. It may be my favourite so far.

Crazy colourful screen prints into sculpture

Crazy colourful screen prints into sculpture

I started cutting up the prints and making more of the pyramids. When these are done I’ll have about one hundred and thirty of them, which will make for an interesting installation.

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This is the second braided rug I’ve worked on and completed this summer. The first one is in greys and black, and you can see it here. Working with colour made it more challenging to come up with a colour scheme and make it look good. I had many more colours of t-shirt yarn available to me but I decided to stick with blues, oranges and reds.

For the grey rug I managed to only use materials made from Boris’ collection of startup/tech conference shirts, but for this one I used a few shirts sources from Value Village because I wanted specific colours. If you’re going to buy second-hand shirts to make yarn, I highly recommend mens extra large shirts to maximize material.

Completed Braided Rug

Completed braided rug - detail

I made this over a three week period, which included making four or five additional balls of yarn. It was a great project to work on in the evenings while binging on Netflix.

The tutorials I used to learn how to make t-shirt yarn and the braided rug can be found in this previous blog post.