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Over the course of this week I’ve been adding a whole bunch of new inventory to my Etsy shop.


Those metallic gel pen drawings combined with paper cut work are now in the shop under a brand new section of Drawings.


These two small altered book pieces recently came back into my possession, and they are marked down along with all the altered books in my shop.

I will no longer show any of my old altered book work and would really love to find them all a “forever home”.

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These are two small drawings recently created on cards for friends. I had the impulse to make instead of buy cards, and though my original intention was to cut a design I settled upon drawing.

Gel pen drawing

Gel pen drawing

I will make a few more and give them out as Christmas cards. Maybe you will be one of the lucky recipients.

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Part two is for sharing the remaining three TerraSkin paper cuts exploring circles. Part one can be found here.

The series of six explores circles in new ways for me, as well as allowed me to work with TerraSkin paper more extensively. It feels slippery and light but is super easy to cut because there is no resistance to the knife. Each piece is 9″ x 11″, and each circle is about 7.25″ in diameter.

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-2

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-3

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-4

I backed these in black for the purposes of the photos but these will actually be displayed without a backing paper and unframed.

This work will be on display as part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival in January 2015 along with other designers and artists as a window display called, Vancouver Outside The Box. More details available on the website.

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