05 Oct

Artist Interview Series with Tristesse Seeliger

My friend and fellow artist, Tristesse Seeliger, has been creating a series of artist interviews over the past several months. I’ve been enjoying watching them, especially this one with Megan Majewski, and this one with Sara Khan, as they give an excellent peek into their thought process and the inspiration behind their work. I was […]

17 Sep

Pattern Mixing in Red

Every time I compose and cut a new pattern mixing piece I learn something new about composition flow and the structure of a pattern interpreted in cut paper. This piece is the most densely packed with lines and complex designs of all the ones created so far. It felt like it took a long time […]

07 Sep

Pattern Mixing in Green

This pattern mixing piece in green paper began as a sketchbook drawing. I tried to stick as closely as possible to the original layout as I translated it into this larger piece. It’s the strangest shape I’ve worked with yet with its mix of sharp angles and curves. My biggest struggle when drawing these is […]

20 Aug

Pattern Mixing Diptych in Turquoise

Earlier today I was looking at the sketchbook drawing this piece is based upon and realized how much more complex it became in the final version. It was always a diptych but the paper cut version walked away with additional sections and way more elaborate patterning. This turquoise blue paper is my number one favourite […]

06 Aug

Pattern Mixing in Poppy Orange

This is the second in my new series of pattern mixing paper cut pieces. I finished this piece in late June, and was super jazzed about how beautiful it turned out. The paper is a vibrant Poppy Orange and the patterns play together in an energetic way that is pleasing to the eye. I hand […]

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