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10 Dec

Paper Cut Work: Down the Rabbit Hole

Earlier in the fall I was invited to be part of an upcoming group show in Victoria that explores the theme of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I hadn’t had any time until last week to figure out and create something new for this show because I don’t currently have anything appropriate. I was […]

25 Sep

Paper Cut Work: The Universe is Intricate

One of the presents I received for my birthday earlier this year was a lovely white tea cup given to me by Anne. It came in a small wooden box with a hinged lid, and I was attracted to this as much as to the gift it held inside. I knew right away I wanted […]

17 Sep

Commissioned Work: Creating a Blog Header for KimWerker.com

I am very happy to finally get the chance to reveal this beautiful paper cut design I was commissioned to create at the end of the summer. As you can clearly read in the hand cut letters within the composition, this was a custom piece created for Kim Werker. She was in the process of […]

12 Sep

New Work At Bird On A Wire Creations

If you love the paper cut collages I’ve been making recently, you can now find four of them at Bird on a Wire Creations on Main Street. Paper Cut Designs | 8″x 8″ on wood panel Paper Cut Designs | 6″x 6″ on wood panel Go check them out. The work is even more dazzling […]

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