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28 May

Altered Books: Thread of Transformation

This finished work took an uncomfortably long time to complete, because it was a commissioned piece with loose parameters and no deadline. I think part of me was scared of messing it up because I had a very special book provided by the client. The book in question was an old chemistry textbook from her […]

23 Sep

Altered Books: The Dovecote

I really loved this one as I worked on it and then when I finished I didn’t like it anymore. Now that I’ve had a few days to step away and look at it again with fresh eyes, I like it again. I think I was struggling with the lack of colour. With this one […]

09 Sep

Altered Books: Awaiting the Golden Egg

If you haven’t guessed by now the theme for the series I’m working on for the Culture Crawl is “Birds”. The work I shared yesterday is one “style” of altered book I’ll be making, and this book is representative of a second group of books I have planned. I actually started this series back in […]

08 Sep

Altered Books: The Owl House & Home

I’m about to let you in on a little secret…I don’t love all the altered books I make. True story. There are some I feel pretty meh about, while others I absolutely adore and will probably have a hard time parting with. This owl book falls into this second group of favoured pieces that I’m […]

18 Aug

Altered Books: Experimenting with Book Bursts

I recently picked up a copy of The Repurposed Library by Lisa Occhipinti at Oscar’s Art Books, and last week I began exploring some of the projects from its pages. I was drawn to the elegant simplicity of these book bursts, which are made from cutting a book into sections and then folding the pages. […]

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