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23 Sep

Altered Books: The Dovecote

I really loved this one as I worked on it and then when I finished I didn’t like it anymore. Now that I’ve had a few days to step away and look at it again with fresh eyes, I like it again. I think I was struggling with the lack of colour. With this one […]

20 Sep

Altered Books: The Great Wise One

Owls are enjoyable subjects to work with because they have more expressive faces than the average bird. The previous owl looked cute and sweet while this Great Horned owl looks slightly bored but also intimidating. With this book I began with an exploration of a different way of folding the pages rather than deciding on […]

09 Sep

Altered Books: Awaiting the Golden Egg

If you haven’t guessed by now the theme for the series I’m working on for the Culture Crawl is “Birds”. The work I shared yesterday is one “style” of altered book I’ll be making, and this book is representative of a second group of books I have planned. I actually started this series back in […]

08 Sep

Altered Books: The Owl House & Home

I’m about to let you in on a little secret…I don’t love all the altered books I make. True story. There are some I feel pretty meh about, while others I absolutely adore and will probably have a hard time parting with. This owl book falls into this second group of favoured pieces that I’m […]

23 Aug

Altered Books: Experiments with Page Folding

Experiments with new directions in book altering continues, this time with all the pages still attached to the covers. These explorations are part of the planning stages of a commissioned piece for a client, and I wanted to try something different. Normally I follow the same pattern of folding the pages through out a book […]

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