Yarn Mural Installations

These are a selection of privately commissioned installations I have created as custom murals of trees. The locations vary from private residences, a class room, and office spaces.

The murals are made from the simple materials of yarn and pushpins, with artificial leaves added upon completion. They are created through a freehand and spontaneous process directly on the surface of the wall without first drawing an outline.


Yarn Tree Mural: Foodtree Media, 2011
Materials: yarn, pushpins, artificial maple leaves


Yarntree Mural: Private Residence, 2012
Materials: yarn, pushpins


Yarntree Mural: Private Residence, 2012
Materials: white yarn, pushpins
(Photos by Ross Howard Jones)


Abstract Yarn Mural: Pencilneck Software, 2012
Materials: yarn, pushpins, adhesive coloured vinyl

The company wanted a custom piece of art to fill a large wall, but did not want it to be a tree. I came up an abstract design of triangles, and added colour using pieces of adhesive vinyl.


© Rachael Ashe