So Nice – Paper Dioramas

I was commissioned by ReThink Communications in Vancouver to create two paper craft dioramas illustrating outdoor scenes of people gardening and a woman doing yoga. The client is Earths Own and the product is their line of organic So Nice soy milks as well as a line of Almond Fresh almond milks.

My role was as a fabricator on this project. The illustrations were provided by ReThink as pre-printed assets on 100lb watercolour paper, and each scene was divided into ten layers each. I hand cut each individual layer, and assembled these into a three dimensional scene. Both dioramas were integrated into a blank carton to be skinned with artwork in post-production by ReThink.

Client: Earths Own
Illustrations: ReThink Communications

So Nice Yoga Diorama, work in progress and final artwork.


So Nice Gardening Diorama, work in progress and final artwork.


© Rachael Ashe