Paper Instruments

In October 2012 I was commissioned to create paper props for Giant Ant, a creative studio in Vancouver telling stories through moving pictures and sound. They needed a life-size set of musical instruments to use in a music video shoot they were producing for Victoria indie band, Current Swell.

The list of props included two acoustic guitars, one bass guitar, one harmonica, and a set of four drums (without stands). I was also required to create less detailed duplicates of the acoustic and bass guitars to use as backups. Each prop was handmade from white poster board, using both real instruments and photos as reference.

The concept for the video was an all white set in order to accommodate an animation added in post-production. The instruments were “played” by the band members and destroyed by the end of the shoot.


Acoustic guitars.


Electric guitars.


Harmonica and drum set.


Behind-the-scenes of the video shoot, on location in Vancouver, BC. On set photos courtesy of Giant Ant.


The completed video for Current Swell’s song, “I Want A Bird”. Released in March 2013.

© Rachael Ashe