Laser Cut Commission: Earnest Ice Cream

In the summer of 2013 I was commissioned by Earnest Ice Cream, an artisanal producer of high quality ice cream, to create artwork for their first scoop shop that opened in Vancouver, BC.

I used an existing paper cut design as the basis for the final intricate artwork. The piece is laser cut from 1/8″ thick bamboo plywood, and the final size is 33.5″ x 22″.

Client: Earnest Ice Cream
Laser Cutting: Hopewell Works Ltd.

The artwork is on permanent display at Earnest Ice Cream in Vancouver, located at 3992 Fraser Street.


The original paper cut piece side by side with the digital version of the design as a vector outline created in Adobe Illustrator.


The paper cut design laser cut from 1/8″ thick bamboo plywood. Final size is approximately 33.5″ x 22″.


A detail of the laser cut fittings used to support the piece and allow it to float away from the wall.


The work on site at Earnest Ice Cream’s Fraser Street scoop shop in Vancouver.


© Rachael Ashe