Flight of Illuminated Crows

In 2012 I created an installation for the Illuminares Lantern Festival in Vancouver, BC. It was an outdoor community event of public art and performance, held once a year at Trout Lake Park.

The installation was made up of one hundred shapes of crows in flight hand cut from tyvek, an industrial waterproof plastic-based paper. I chose this material to ensure the work could withstand the elements, as it sometimes rains during the festival.


Each crow was individually wired and suspended from a structure made from repurposed metal garden trellis. These were attached together, along with a string of LED Christmas lights zap strapped to their surface to provide illumination to the crows from above.


For the Illuminares event I installed everything on site by attaching the structure within a tree suspended between two branches. It became an awe-inspiring sight and drew in the crowds once the sun went down.

© Rachael Ashe