Altered Books: Fairy Tales

This is a small series of altered books created for a group exhibition exploring the theme of Fairy Tales at Seymour Gallery in June 2011.


Little Red Riding Hood, 2011
Materials: used encyclopedia, Japanese paper, photo print, branches, recycled paper, and pins.


Rose Red & Snow White, 2011
Materials: used encyclopedia, mulberry paper flowers, card stock, photographs, and tissue paper.


Four and Twenty Black Birds, 2011
Materials: used book, and card stock.


Thumbelina, 2011
Materials: used book, photograph, card stock, and tissue paper.


Three Little Pigs, 2011
Materials: three books, straw, sticks, paper, toy pigs, and acrylic paint.

The Big Bad Wolf, 2011
This is a companion to the Three Little Pigs books
Materials: Paper cut painting with acrylic paint.


© Rachael Ashe