20 May

Work In Progress: Patterns of Influence

Towards the end of April my mental health started to collapse. I lost hope, and felt I had nothing to look forward to. I also felt intensely isolated because while I do lots of reaching out to people, very few reach out in return. I’ve struggled with depression in the past and could feel a […]

07 May

Work In Progress: Embroidery Side-Project

I wanted to work on a larger embroidery sampler and decided to go with a 10 inch diameter hoop this time. It’s about triple the size of previous projects, and I’ve been working on this off and on since the fall. The sampler has become a mishmash of textures and colours, and I sometimes love […]

30 Apr

Freestyle Embroidery in 3D

I began this small embroidery project around mid-March, just at the Covid 19 restrictions hit BC, and worked on it almost every day until completion. It was the one thing I was able to focus on during that time, and it helped carry me through the weirdness. It was a gift for my mom’s birthday […]

03 Apr

Modular Origami to Occupy My Time

My friend Nadine shared her version of this modular origami structure on Instagram and I decided to work on one of my own because I needed to work on something (ANYTHING!) The Covid times have been detrimental to everyone’s creativity and I thought this would be a good distraction. (It was). The instructions for folding […]

20 Mar

Work In Progress: Paper Sculpting Sketches

I was inspired by my own paper sculpting workshop in January to begin experimenting with again with incorporating these techniques into my own work. I broke out the colourful paper and past small prototypes from the drawer where they were tucked, and started playing in the studio. I came up with more shapes and played […]

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