13 Feb

I’m a photographer not a speaker.

Or so I thought until this past weekend. The following is a cross-post from my personal blog: At the Northern Voice blogging conference on the weekend I had the challenging, but interesting, experience of stepping into the roll of speaker. I was asked to speak because a last minute replacement was needed on a panel […]

12 Feb


Titled “The 5 Senses”, the above image is a standout amongst the usual photoshoping trickery that I do because it’s so surreal. I came up with this to illustrate the five senses, and created it in Adobe Photoshop from five separate shots blended together using layer masks.

09 Feb


To my surprise, over the course of the past year self portraiture has become part of my artistic practice. What began as a very tentative and conservative foray into taking pictures of myself is now an endlessly creative outlet for exploring ideas and personal expression. My most recent foray into self portraiture builds upon a […]

04 Feb


When deciding upon a photographer to pay homage for last weekend’s Utata project I chose Man Ray. Members were asked to produce a photo that was a direct imitation of one made by a master photographer or one which was made to copy the style of a particular photographer. I selected the above image for […]

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