27 Feb


From my photo archive… I was looking through my older photos for something to use in a digital image I’m currently working on and was reminded of this statue. I photographed her in a museum in Florence, Italy, when I was there in 1999. She was so beautiful I could’ve stared at her for hours. […]

26 Feb

Dream or nightmare?

This might be the creepiest image I have ever created. It was inspired in part by the work of Dave McKean.

25 Feb

Silhouettes & texture

The person in silhouette is my friend Zoe. The textured glass was one of the boardroom windows where I was working at the time, and I would pass them every day thinking of ways to use them in a photograph. I shot a small series in black & white of Zoe in different poses, and […]

24 Feb


Do you ever think about some of the common things you’re drawn to photograph? Arrows are one of the little details I am find myself compelled to take a pictures of – like street art, feet, hands, and spirals.

23 Feb

Pink shoes

I just happen to be wearing these on my feet today. The above shot was flickr blogged yesterday, which is pretty neat. It’s not a photo I would have chosen to represent my work to a wider audience, because it’s underexposed, the scan was really dirty, and I have a bazillion other shots that are […]

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