03 Mar


Try to not let the crooked borders drive you nuts. I decided to post these shots after photographing the newborn baby of my friend Pidge yesterday. I hardly get the chance to photograph kids these days, but I always enjoy it when I do. It’s a fun challenge because little kids don’t stay still very […]

02 Mar


The above shot is featured (sans photo credit) on the 30 Days of Sustainability website. The lighting set up was very simple – one light bounced off an umbrella, with a white reflector providing fill in the shadow areas. Taken with a Canon digital Rebel XT.

01 Mar

Dark skies

Taken with my Contax camera, using cross processed Fujichrome slide film.

28 Feb


Taken with my Contax camera, using Kodak 400CN Print film, with sepia tone added in Photoshop. This is one of my favorite portraits.

27 Feb


From my photo archive… I was looking through my older photos for something to use in a digital image I’m currently working on and was reminded of this statue. I photographed her in a museum in Florence, Italy, when I was there in 1999. She was so beautiful I could’ve stared at her for hours. […]

© Rachael Ashe