13 Apr

From the shadows

In preparation of taking a break from Flickr for two weeks I had to select a series of images to pull from Flickr to post on my photoblog. (The break was at the suggestion of a friend, and it is a long overdue thing I’ve wanted to do. ) It was interesting having to choose […]

10 Apr

Self Portraits

I have a short article about my self-portraiture work in the April issue of Vein Magazine. Their current theme is “Portraits: both sides of the lens.” Please go check it out.

08 Apr


I’ve been wanting to break out of my usual style of close-up portraiture and take photos of people that are three quarter length or full body shots. I don’t do this often enough because I tend to find it more interesting to work with a subject up close and personal. It’s more challenging for me […]

06 Apr

Two for one

Lately I’ve had this thing for diptychs, most likely influenced by the Olympus Pen shots of both Jamie and Joanna. I seem to be unconsciously taking photos in a sequence that work well together and I combine them in photoshop. This particular pairing is odd but somehow it works. Hopefully Christopher’s expression won’t give you […]

05 Apr

Metal Prints

As mentioned previously, I currently have two of my metal prints in the Divine Feminie show at Radha Yoga & Eatery (pictured here.) I thought I’d explain a bit about how I made them. The prints are made from metal flashing, a material used in roof repairs and can be found at most hardware stores. […]

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