10 Apr

Self Portraits

I have a short article about my self-portraiture work in the April issue of Vein Magazine. Their current theme is “Portraits: both sides of the lens.” Please go check it out.

08 Apr


I’ve been wanting to break out of my usual style of close-up portraiture and take photos of people that are three quarter length or full body shots. I don’t do this often enough because I tend to find it more interesting to work with a subject up close and personal. It’s more challenging for me […]

06 Apr

Two for one

Lately I’ve had this thing for diptychs, most likely influenced by the Olympus Pen shots of both Jamie and Joanna. I seem to be unconsciously taking photos in a sequence that work well together and I combine them in photoshop. This particular pairing is odd but somehow it works. Hopefully Christopher’s expression won’t give you […]

05 Apr

Metal Prints

As mentioned previously, I currently have two of my metal prints in the Divine Feminie show at Radha Yoga & Eatery (pictured here.) I thought I’d explain a bit about how I made them. The prints are made from metal flashing, a material used in roof repairs and can be found at most hardware stores. […]

04 Apr

Portrait Throw Down

Definition of a “Portrait Throw Down”: If you want to take pictures of your fellow photographers, then be prepared to step in front of the camera yourself. And this is exactly what Vandigicam did on our last meet up this past Sunday. These four shots are from the first session of the “throw down” that […]

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