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My collaboration with Ben Z Cooper and Hfour made its debut at IDS West over the weekend. These are photos of the piece provided to me by Ben.

Divine Lights collaboration

This is how the piece looks with the screen turned off.

Divine Lights collaboration

The work is made up of two intricate hand cut pieces of paper sandwiched between two layers of glass which overlay a digital screen playing an animation on a three minute loop. I wish I had a video to share of the piece to give a clearer idea of the interaction of the video and paper cut. It cycles through colour changes and has glittery play of light similar to reflections on water. It’s lovely and mesmerizing to watch.

Divine Lights collaboration

Divine Lights collaboration

I think the work was well received at IDS West and may be exhibited next at the Eastside Culture Crawl in November.

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I am organizing another evening of talks by artists participating in the Eastside Culture Crawl. I finalized all the details and speakers earlier this week.


Hot Art Wet City gallery presents the second annual Hot Talks in partnership with the Eastside Culture Crawl and curated by Rachael Ashe. Join us for an evening of intimate and entertaining talks by artists, designers, and craftspeople. The eight speakers represent a small cross-section of the wide variety of artists participating in the 2015 Culture Crawl. Each speaker will present their work, a peek into their studio, and share their process in a short “Show & Tell” style talk

The eight speakers are Ben Z Cooper, Jacqueline Robins, Renée MacDonald, M.A.Tateishi, Ross den Otter, Simone Richmond, Toby Barratt / Propellor Design, and Christina Norberg.

Visit the Hot Art Wet City website for tickets »

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I had a small pile of screen prints, created at the end of my residency at The Leeway Studio, which needed to be transformed into more pyramids. And now they are, which brings the number of my tiny pyramid army up to around one hundred and fifty.



I will be showing these in October at Emily Carr in the library window. I need to come up with how I’m going to do it, and what other work to include.

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