08 Jun

Make Art While Apart

These are a few of the awesome murals that were painted on boarded up shops along Commercial Drive, Gastown, Granville, and Robson Streets in April and early May. I’m so grateful to all the artists, the Vancouver Mural Festival, along with various neighbourhood business associations for this initiative. It brought life and positive energy to empty […]

20 May

Work In Progress: Patterns of Influence

Towards the end of April my mental health started to collapse. I lost hope, and felt I had nothing to look forward to. I also felt intensely isolated because while I do lots of reaching out to people, very few reach out in return. I’ve struggled with depression in the past and could feel a […]

07 May

Work In Progress: Embroidery Side-Project

I wanted to work on a larger embroidery sampler and decided to go with a 10 inch diameter hoop this time. It’s about triple the size of previous projects, and I’ve been working on this off and on since the fall. The sampler has become a mishmash of textures and colours, and I sometimes love […]

30 Apr

Freestyle Embroidery in 3D

I began this small embroidery project around mid-March, just at the Covid 19 restrictions hit BC, and worked on it almost every day until completion. It was the one thing I was able to focus on during that time, and it helped carry me through the weirdness. It was a gift for my mom’s birthday […]

03 Apr

Modular Origami to Occupy My Time

My friend Nadine shared her version of this modular origami structure on Instagram and I decided to work on one of my own because I needed to work on something (ANYTHING!) The Covid times have been detrimental to everyone’s creativity and I thought this would be a good distraction. (It was). The instructions for folding […]

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