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Leading up to Christmas I decided to go on a little bender of card making. I’ve had a pack of blank white cards for years just sitting in my supplies waiting to be made into something lovely. I went at a few of them with metallic gel pens and made the abstract series of cards pictured here.

Hand drawn cards

Hand drawn cards

Hand drawn cards

I gave most of them away to friends for Christmas, but these are like small sketches of larger pieces I would like to do when I get a moment.

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This is one of those ideas I’ve had on my mind for a few years and only now have I found the opportunity to work on. I want to make large paper cut work but I’ve held back because of the logistics of how to do it when the project is larger than both my work surface and my studio. The paper I work on when I cut is in constant motion and rotation, and when the paper is large I’m not sure how to do this without damage.

With this project I decided to use the roll of tyvek left over from an installation I made a few years ago. I’d started cutting a design into the roll early last year and never went back to it because I didn’t have a good plan. But this time I decided to cut the width of the tyvek in half but keep the length, and also roughly plan out the design.



I’ve divided the tyvek into five sections and sketched out rough guidelines on each one. I’m using triangles rather than my favourite crescent shape because it lends itself better to working large. This is the progress I made on the project so far, which is about three of the seven feet.



I had Boris take a photo of me holding up the roll to demonstrate the size of this work. I’m enjoying working on this thing because I like the challenge. Progress is going much faster than I’d thought it would, which is terrific because I have many other things to work on once this is complete.


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This is a lot of photos of me in one blog post but I wanted to put the twelve images together in one place to acknowledge the completion of the series. It was one of the creative things I accomplished in 2014 that I am not particularly proud of because most of these are not good work. I love three of these, and the rest are meh because they were done out of obligation to meeting the goal.

high res version
January – A Chaos of Paper Scraps

February - Arranging constellations
February – Arranging Constellations

March: Blending In Or Standing Out
March – Blending in or Standing Out

Things on my mind
April – Things on my Mind

Nature's Embrace
May – Nature’s Embrace

Cutting Away (version 2)
June – Cutting Away

Feeling Silly
July – Feeling Silly

In Bloom
August – In Bloom

September self portrait
September – Living in Colour

Finger Mask
October – Finger Mask

November – Hibernation

Red Portrait
December – Red Portrait

I miss photography and being good at it. The end of this project has me considering whether or not to have a new photo-based project to work on this year just to feed the image making part of my brain.