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Tonight is the opening reception for Voices From Another Room: Five Artists Explore Paper at Hot Art Wet City. The show features work by Connie Sabo, Joseph Wu, Sarah Gee Miller, Alison Woodward, and me.

These are photos of the exhibition I took yesterday after we finished installing all the work.

Voices From Another Room-3

Voices From Another Room-10
Detail of work by Joseph Wu

Voices From Another Room-4

Voices From Another Room-2
Detail of work by Connie Sabo

Voices From Another Room-5
Detail of my paper cut sculptures

Voices From Another Room-6

Detail of my paper cut installation.

Voices From Another Room-2
Collage work by Sarah Gee Miller.

Voices From Another Room-7
Voices From Another Room
Detail of work by Alison Woodward.

Voices From Another Room-8
Voices From Another Room-9
Detail of work by Alison Woodward.

Voices From Another Room-3
Voices From Another Room
Voices From Another Room
A collaborative installation between work by Connie Sabo and me.

Voices From Another Room: Five Artists Explore Paper
Hot Art Wet City
Dates: April 3rd to 25th
Opening Reception: April 3rd, 7pm to 11pm
Location: 2206 Main Street at 6th Avenue

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I’m excited to welcome Valerie and Arnt Arntzen as the featured speakers for Hot Talks at Hot Art Wet City in February. They are a creative married couple of working artists, and have been part of the Vancouver art scene in significant ways for the last twenty years.


Valerie and Arnt Arntzen are a couple who have been together for 35 years and have worked in the creative field since the early 80s. They are both mad collectors of found objects: from helicopter wings to bedsprings. Collaborating is an essential part of their relationship as husband and wife as well as artists.

Read the full description of their talk.

Join us for the latest Hot Talk on February 27th at 7pm. Tickets are by donation and are available for purchase through Eventbrite.

Hot Talks: Valerie & Arnt Arntzen
Hot Art Wet City
Date: February 27th, 2014
Time: Doors 6:30, talk 7pm
Address: 2206 Main Street, Vancouver

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Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going out and touring some of the artists studios open for the Culture Crawl, because I was closed for the Preview night while others were open. I haven’t been able to do this in years because I need to be present at my own studio. There was a small group of artist friends who have been doing the Crawl for years touring around for the evening. We all felt excited to see other people’s studios, and the feeling was a bit like having Halloween and Christmas all rolled into one.

The most striking work I saw that evening was by sculptor, David Robinson. The massive figurative piece below was the first thing I saw as I walked into his fourth floor space in Parker Street Studios. I had to stop and stare at it for long minutes.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

I am really inspired by his work, and was interested to see some of his recent pieces are molded from cardboard or paper. I aspire to one day create on as large a scale as he does.

Visit David Robinson’s website to view more work.