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This beautiful new mural recently made an appearance in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. It’s the work of Ilya Viryachev, a concept artist and animator in Vancouver.


The mural is HUGE, stretching down an alley running south just off of 8th Avenue near Main Street. It’s bright, beautiful, and full of magnolias, birds, and giraffes peeking out of the foliage.


I want more murals like this, because I am greedy for high quality street art.


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I had a wonderful busy weekend hanging out with artists, visiting galleries and studios, seeing art, and talking with artists over good food. It all started with a visit to the Museum of Anthropology to see (In)visible: The Spiritual World of Taiwan Through Contemporary Art.

As soon as we walked in my friends and I were all completely smitten with the Water Fairies Reproduction Project, which is the gorgeous installation pictured here created by Chiu Yu-Wen. It envelops the main hallway of the exhibition space beginning at the entrance of the show. It is made of a gauzy draped fabric and thousands of pieces of cut paper

Water Fairies Reproduction Project, 2004–2015, Chiu Yu-Wen-5

Water Fairies Reproduction Project, 2004–2015, Chiu Yu-Wen

We spent a long time looking at this piece from many angles, and enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere you experience while walking through it.

Water Fairies Reproduction Project, 2004–2015, Chiu Yu-Wen-4

Water Fairies Reproduction Project, 2004–2015, Chiu Yu-Wen-3

Water Fairies Reproduction Project, 2004–2015, Chiu Yu-Wen-2

I am inspired by this piece because I aspire to make paper based installations on this scale. It also feels like a rare opportunity to come across work like this in Vancouver, because most exhibitions spaces don’t have the space or mandate to display installations on this scale or type.

(In)visible: The Spiritual World of Taiwan Through Contemporary Art continues at the Museum of Anthropology until April 3, 2016.

December 18th, 2015 | Comments Off on Scenes from Things In My Head by Gathie Falk

I caught Things In My Head, a show of work by Gathie Falk, on its second to last day at Equinox Gallery last week, and was so glad I did. It’s a show of everyday objects reproduced by Falk in various materials such as ceramic and papier mache.

Gathie Falk

Gathie Faulk

Gathie Falk

I mostly took photos in the room full of piles of ceramic fruits, because I loved the colours, shapes, and repetition. Another room had things like shoes, dresses, and shirts.

Gathie Falk

It’s too late to see the show in person, but check out the exhibition photos on the Equinox gallery website. I am most excited about shows such as this that elevate craft to fine art.

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