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On Saturday I popped by Equinox Gallery on a whim to see their latest shows. At the time I didn’t realize it was the last day of shows by Marie Khouri and Dempsey Bob, so I’m very glad I managed such terrific timing because the work was too good to miss.

I didn’t take photos of the work by Dempsey Bob, but it was stunning hand carved work. Each piece was highly detailed and glowed with the life of the wood it was carved from.



Marie Khouri’s work was an interactive installation of flowing white forms for the viewer to touch and sit upon. The work is based on the Farsi language and spells out words in large scale. I walked around the room to study the arrangement from every angle because it felt like a piece of work that should be seen while moving around rather than standing still.




I feel this has been a good year for strong art shows in Vancouver so far. It makes me happy to see arts and culture do a bit of thriving.

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I dropped into Back Gallery Project last week to check out Ben Skinner‘s show, Colouring Outside And Reading Between. It is art that is both playful, and very clever. The artist plays with words used within the work, and does interesting things with very simple materials.


These are a series of sculptures using words repeated twice in the English language. It’s pretty funny to realize how many there are. My favourite is Beep Beep.


Why yes, these are hundreds of pencil crayons sorted by colour and arranged in a spectrum. This thing is fascinating to view as you walk around it.

Colouring Outside and Reading Between ends this weekend. Visit Back Gallery Project at 602 E Hastings Street at Princess to see it.

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The monthly Art & Craft Social at Hot Art Wet City is happening this Wednesday June 25th at 7:30pm. My co-host Kim Werker and I invite you to bring a small creative project to the gallery, make a donation, and hang out with us.

It was oodles of fun when we kicked things off in May, with a diverse group of people and their projects in attendance. If you can’t make it this time, Art & Craft show is an on-going event on the last Wednesday of every month at Hot Art Wet City.

Art & Craft Social
Hot Art Wet City
Date: Wednesday June 25th, 2014
Time: 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Location: 2206 Main Street at 6th Avenue