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19 Jan

A Little Bit of News

The Utatan was the annual big group project organized by the Utata Group on Flickr in the summer of 2007. It was the most ambitious project the group had organized to date and the end goal was to produce a print version collecting a selection of the submissions. Two of my photos were selected for […]

07 Feb

Utata – Iron Photographer 41

Some days are just like that… Untitled These are two of the shots I submit for Utata’s Iron Photographer 41 project. The requirements for the shot were an umbrella, shot inside, and cinematic aspect ratio. The rest is left up to interpretation. I decided to shoot things and go with experimenting with different treatments in […]

04 Jun

Wrapped in red too

On Friday, one of my photos from this same series was featured on the front page of The text was wonderfully written by Greg Fallis, and couldn’t be more perfect an accompanyment. It was a wonderful treat to end the week with.

27 Aug


The other day I was very pleased when this photo was blogged on Utata, with the accompaning text beautifully written by Brittney Bush. Please go check it out.

02 Aug

Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting

If you are interested in improving your portraiture skills and learning more about controled lighting, why not pick up the newly published book by Catherine Jamieson. I’m thrilled to have two of my photos (pictured below) included in the publication along with the work of many other members of Utata. The book is available through […]

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