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The Utatan was the annual big group project organized by the Utata Group on Flickr in the summer of 2007. It was the most ambitious project the group had organized to date and the end goal was to produce a print version collecting a selection of the submissions. Two of my photos were selected for publication a few months after the web version went live and then I waited to hear when the book would be published. And I waited, and waited, and then waited some more, and then I forgot about it completely.

And yet two years later I finally have a printed copy of the Utatan in my hot little hand because (to quote the dust jacket) “it was the project that would not die.” Utata is a volunteer run group and the ebb and flow of the lives of the people involved were what dictated the timeline for the project. I’m just glad the book is done now, and I don’t really care how long it took. I get the impression producing a book is like that anyhow.


It’s very exciting to be part of this publication because Utata has been one of my favorite flickr groups over the years. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy yourself the book is available through Blurb.com.

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Some days are just like that...
Some days are just like that…


These are two of the shots I submit for Utata’s Iron Photographer 41 project. The requirements for the shot were an umbrella, shot inside, and cinematic aspect ratio. The rest is left up to interpretation. I decided to shoot things and go with experimenting with different treatments in photoshop. The texture comes from the CD included with the book called Crumble.Crackle.Burn on loan from a friend.

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On Friday, one of my photos from this same series was featured on the front page of Utata.org. The text was wonderfully written by Greg Fallis, and couldn’t be more perfect an accompanyment. It was a wonderful treat to end the week with.

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