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19 Apr

Collecting Art on the Streets of Toronto

It’s been three years since my previous visit to Toronto, and of course there are even more murals and pieces of street art tucked along side streets and laneways everywhere. Many pieces I saw previously in Kensington Market and along Queen Street West are still there, and there was plenty of new stuff as well. […]

16 Apr

Garage Door Murals in Toronto

Murals on garage doors is a thing in Toronto and I am a fan. These were all taken in back laneways where most garages downtown in the city are located. I would love to see this trend make its way to Vancouver. Kensington Market garage door murals: Harbord Village garage door murals: Each grouping from […]

14 Apr

Colourful Scenes From Allen Gardens

Boris and I took my mom to visit the Allen Gardens Conservatory for a brief visit on her birthday. It was a grey rainy day, so it was the perfect spot to wander indoors and look at colourful things. It’s been a million years since I last visited the garden, and I find it much […]

13 Apr

A Canadian Bestiary by Janet Macpherson

This exhibition at the Gardiner Museum¬†was on my must-see list while in Toronto, and it did not disappoint. It wowed and impressed. Janet Macpherson creates weird and wonderful hybrid animals in porcelain cast from all sort of objects in the form of animals, such as toys, decoys, masks, etc. The exhibition is made up of […]

18 Nov

Scenes From A Visit to Victoria

Last weekend Boris and I took advantage of the long weekend and went over to Victoria to visit friends. It was a much needed getaway after a busy month, and a nice break before the craziness of Culture Crawl this weekend. We saw beautiful scenery on a day trip to Sooke and nearby beaches, as […]

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