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15 Mar

The posing crow

If this picture is any indication, I must be getting better at stalking crows. He (or she) was preening when I snuck up to take its picture, and though it was startled it didn’t fly away. Usually crows get very nervous about having their picture taken, but this one seems to be posing for me. […]

14 Mar

Signs of spring

I rarely take self portraits with my holga because my arms don’t seem to be long enough to meet the minimum requirements for getting myself in focus. But I wanted to take a spring-themed photo with the cherry blossoms, in focus or not, and finish the roll in my camera. I’m glad I took a […]

05 Mar

Putting my show together is not going as smoothly as I’d hoped. It makes me very glad I still have plenty of time left to prepare, and also that the original date I am slated for may be pushed back. I think in the meantime I need to look for other, less involved opportunities to […]

02 Mar

Mandy has red stockings

Creativity has really taken a backseat to other, more pressing things this week. If only the weather would improve and provide better outdoor lighting conditions then I could get out and finish rolls of film I have loaded into three different cameras. I can hear them calling my name, making me feel guilty…

26 Feb

The NV wrap up

The above photo was taken in Gastown, Vancouver, with a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim toy camera. I’m really glad Zak invited me to work with Foo Associates at Northern Voice this past weekend. I don’t think I would’ve attended otherwise because my experience last year didn’t leave me “wanting more”. I would’ve missed out […]

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