Category: Toy & Trash cameras

23 Feb

Pink shoes

I just happen to be wearing these on my feet today. The above shot was flickr blogged yesterday, which is pretty neat. It’s not a photo I would have chosen to represent my work to a wider audience, because it’s underexposed, the scan was really dirty, and I have a bazillion other shots that are […]

29 Jan

Snap, Crackle & Pop

I have the first roll of film back from the “Snap Crackle & Pop” trash cam I bought at Value Village a few weeks ago and I’m very happy with the results. The film I used was Fujicolour Superia X-tra 800 ISO, shot under very sunny lighting conditions. I decided to approach it the same […]

28 Jan

Crossing lines

Taken with a “Snap Crackle & Pop” Trash Cam.

08 Jan

Toy cameras

I’m a fairly recent inductee into the world of the of the toy camera enthusiast (also called trash or crap cams). It’s a very unexclusive group of those who enjoy the challenge of taking photographs with cheap plastic cameras with questionable exposure control and wonky image quality. Here’s an excerpt from the toy camera website […]

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