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25 Jan

Giraffes and Magnolias in Mount Pleasant

This beautiful new mural recently made an appearance in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. It’s the work of Ilya Viryachev, a concept artist and animator in Vancouver. The mural is HUGE, stretching down an alley running south just off of 8th Avenue near Main Street. It’s bright, beautiful, and full of magnolias, birds, and giraffes peeking […]

10 Jul

A Sign Of The Times by I Heart

These are photos of a solo show of stencil work by street artist, I Heart. It was up for two days in June before the City of Vancouver had it painted over. I’m not sure why they were in such a hurry to erase it from the walls of the Granville Bridge underpass when plenty […]

25 Apr

Art on the Streets of Toronto

Another highlight of my visit to Toronto was seeing how dramatically the street art scene has grown. There was interesting graffiti to be seen everywhere, and I got in the habit of peering down every alley I passed while walking around. Chances were good I would see something I liked. There are large concentrations of […]

02 Mar

Anser, Crowded Kingdom Show at Hashtag Gallery in Toronto

Boris and I arrived in Toronto yesterday afternoon and I already feel like I’ve taken in plenty of interesting art. There is so much more street art here than in Vancouver, and it thrills me to see it wherever we go. Last night I read about Crowded Kingdom, a show of work by a street […]

18 Feb

Wearing Hearts on the Street

My friend Vivienne has an uncanny ability to find hearts and messages of love around our neighbourhood of Commercial Drive, and she often shares these on Instagram. It got me thinking about leaving more hearts for her to find, which in turn led to an idea for a collaboration we could do together. I created […]

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