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07 Jun

Thirty Days of Self Portraits

The previous couple of weeks I’d been getting myself into a very unhappy state of mind. I haven’t been feeling good about myself with many doubts and insecurities eating away at my self-confidence. I’ve also been in a rut creatively since I finished working on the fairy tale altered books. For me, self-confidence and creativity […]

22 Dec

Yuletide Christmas Gif

I wanted to shoot a fun portrait of Boris and myself to send out as a digital Christmas card. We finally got around to doing this the other evening but I wasn’t quite happy with the results. The portrait wasn’t creative or fun enough to suit me so I decided to take seven photos from […]

24 Nov

Hiding Behind a Brilliant Façade

These were taken almost three years apart but they both capture a similar feeling. I decided to revisit this idea because I felt like taking a self portrait last week but wanted to hide my face and do something with an umbrella. I like the most recent one better because the shadow gives it more […]

26 Jul

Birthday Levitation

It’s my birthday today and I thought I’d mark it with a self portrait. I haven’t taken one in quite some time and last year I didn’t do a birthday portrait because I wasn’t feeling great. A year later and things are much better because I’ve made a lot of the changes and taken my […]

07 Jun

Ten Good Things About Moving

Last Monday Boris and I moved across town into a larger apartment in East Van. Today we moved all the stuff I’ve had in storage for the last eleven months. That’s two Monday’s in a row we’ve spent hauling boxes around and I can’t be more glad that part is over. I love our new […]

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