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04 Feb

Be Your Own Beloved

For the month of February I’m enrolled in an e-course called, Be Your Own Beloved, which is facilitated by Vivienne McMaster. It is a twenty-eight day challenge to cultivate self-reflection and compassion for oneself through self portraiture. I’ve been wanting to take one of Vivienne’s courses for awhile. I felt this one was particularly well […]

28 Jan

Excuse My Whinging…

It’s Monday morning the start of a new week and along with it the hopes of finally getting 2013 off the ground. All of January has been a washout because I’ve been down with a stomach bug off and on for weeks. Just when I think it’s gone away and I’m well enough to get […]

26 Apr

This Is How Much I Love Red

I haven’t taken a self portrait in ages, and I miss it. It’s always been a means for me to explore portrait ideas, with myself as the very convenient model. I’m not sure why exactly I’ve lost the habit of doing them, but perhaps it has something to do with my waning interest in photography […]

21 Jun

A Self Portrait-A-Day-For-A-Month: Week Three.

Day 14: What to do at the end of a busy weekend Day 15: Red shoes Day 17: While the city burned These are my favorite self portraits from last week. Today I shared number twenty-two which will bring me one portrait closer to the end of this project, which is good because I’m running […]

13 Jun

More Self Portraits A Day

Day 9: Lovely bones Day 10: Shadows on the wall Day 12: Little black dress Today I will be shooting a self portrait for day fifteen. Time sure flies and here I am already half-way through this thirty day project. Maybe next month I will do a second thirty day project of shooting a portrait […]

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