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23 Jan

A New Self Portrait Project (I Hope)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been considering what my new projects will be for this year, and I realized I would like to do something with self portraits again. I can’t stand the idea of taking a self portrait a day, and I don’t want to redo 52 weeks of self portraits, but I […]

08 Mar

Seek Out Inspiration

Be Your Own Beloved wrapped up last week, and by the end I managed to shoot twenty out of the twenty-eight self portrait assignments. It’s challenging to show up for something like this every day because I’m not often in the mood to take a photo of me. Taking Up Space Part of a Bigger […]

25 Feb

Self-Exploration Through Self Portraiture

It’s been an interesting experience the last few weeks to maintain my commitment to the Be Your Own Beloved e-course. I don’t mind taking a self portrait every once in awhile, but doing it every day is tedious. At least that’s how I normally feel about it. But with Vivienne‘s daily email prompts of inspiration […]

15 Feb

Happy Love Day

The self portrait series continues for Be Your Own Beloved. Valentines Day is always a good excuse to create an image using a generous amount of the colour red.

07 Feb

Bringing Forgotten Skills Back to Life

As a youngster my initial explorations into art were through drawing and painting. I’d actually reached a point in my teens where I had pretty decent drawing skills (though I’ve never been particularly good with paints), which I mostly seemed to use for drawing dragons, horses, and unicorns. (Every horse is just one horn away […]

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