Category: Self-portraits

31 May

Wrapped in red

This shot represents the end of a very good day. One that was both productive and happy.

07 Mar

Making me cRaZy.

Sometimes self portraiture can be a wonderful way to redirect my negative feelings into creativity, and in the process, help disolve them. I took the above photo last week after a very stressful day where nothing seemed to be going right. It was very therapeutic to make faces at the camera, trying to convey what […]

02 Feb

A good smile starts in the eyes

Poor neglected photo blog. I just don’t much feel like making use of you these days. Maybe some changes should be made so you’ll be more interesting to me. There is a group self-portraiture project on flickr called 365 Days, and it is providing me with a bit of inspiration. The Challenge: to take 365 […]

01 Nov

Today I am spending some time reviewing my work, trying to figure out what I should do with cradle frames I bought to do heat transfers upon. It’s a good opportunity to create new work, but at the same time I’m torn because I’d like to use some older stuff that hasn’t been shown before. […]

20 Oct


Something to keep in mind this weekend is that tomorrow is World Toy Camera Day! I think I will take my holga out for a photo walk if it’s sunny enough, and celebrate by taking pictures. If you have a moment, please take the time to go and sign an online petition concerning budget cuts […]

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