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This is the sixth photo in my series of one self portrait a month in 2014. I am so happy to be half-way through the project, even though it also means we’ve reached the middle of the year.

I shot this portrait quickly and did not spend much time on a pose or expression because I was banking on hiding any flaws with paper cutting. My process was to shoot it with the iPhone, clean it up in Photoshop, print in out on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper, cut a design by hand, and then re-photograph it.

Cutting Away

The top one is an early version, which I thought was finished at the time. The more I looked at it, the more it felt unfinished, so I worked on it some more and kept cutting.

Cutting Away (version 2)

Neither version feels perfect, but it was an experiment. I’ve had this idea in mind for ages, to combine portraits (or self portraits) with my paper cutting. Next time I need to do it differently, and better.

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This is the fifth photo in my series of one self portrait a month in 2014. I’ve continued working on this project by scrambling to do it at the end of each month, which hasn’t resulted in great work so far (go figure). But I am happy with this shot because it took me outside for the shoot.

Nature's Embrace

I love this rhododendron tree which lives outside the front window of my apartment. Once a year it blossoms and I make the most of its fleeting beauty while it lasts. When I took the photo a week ago the flowers were just at peak bloom, but now they are fading away and dropping to the grass. I appreciate the fleeting beauty of the rhododendron tree, and I’m glad it could be part of this ongoing series.

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It wasn’t my intention to leave this until the end of the month again, but for the previous few weeks I’d been coming up dry on ideas and enthusiasm for the project of shooting one self portrait a month. I didn’t spend much time shooting this because I felt impatient about getting it done. And yet I love what I came up with, and not just because the drawing is dazzling.

February - Arranging constellations

The drawings are groupings of triangles which remind me of maple leaves in some ways and a constellation of stars in others. I love the process of doodling these because it is soothing, simple, and meditative but creates a complicated end result. I’m not sure whether combining my image with the drawing makes this more or less so.