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22 Nov

Last Colours of Autumn

My friend Kai was the second out of town guest in Vancouver during the month of October, and of course I made sure to take her portrait for the series. Kai has a red winter coat just like I do and I wanted to include it in the shot. I hadn’t intended to fill the […]

18 Nov

Threads & Needles

In September I kicked off my new portrait series with a bang by shooting four of them in one month. In October I decided shooting two a month would be a more reasonable pace, and both subjects ended up being people from out of town. My sister Kathryn was in Vancouver visiting for eight days […]

03 Nov

So Many Books, So Little Time

Monique Trottier was the fourth person I photographed in my portrait series. She is a voracious reader of books and writes reviews of some of them on her SoMisguided blog. Of course I came up with an idea to photograph her with books – lots and lots of them. The concepts I came up with […]

16 Oct

The Power of Flowers

“Flowers have incredible power. Their fragile beauty ad brief life can teach us to enjoy without attachment, to experience deeply while knowing full well the experience is temporary. It is the same with all life. We will have pleasures and they too will be transitory. We are free when we are able to enjoy our […]

30 Sep


I’m a little behind with posting on my blog about the work I’ve been doing on the portrait-series-with-no-name. These two photos are from a shoot I did with Kirsti a few weeks ago in Pacific Spirit Park. We went into the forest looking for the perfect location, but the early evening light was too low. […]

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