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01 Apr

Dreams Soar on the Wings of Imagination

I love my portrait series, but oh does it ever take a lot of energy to come up with ideas and then wrangle people to do the shoots. I’ve been wavering on continuing with this project at all, but then I keep producing work I really like because of it. This portrait features the lovely […]

23 Feb

Swirling Twirling Veils of Fabric

I’ve fallen a bit off track with my portrait series the last few weeks because I’ve been very focused on other things. It’s also been tricky scheduling people during the Olympic craziness. This portrait features Andrea and was taken towards the end of January. I bought three large pieces of transparent fabrics from Dressew in […]

15 Feb

The Valentine’s Portraits

For Valentine’s Day I invited some of my friends over to pose for a Valentine-themed photo shoot. The idea was inspired by the work of Katie Sokoler and her “kiss in your pocket” flip book. I cut hearts from red and pink paper to create a background, and picked up sparkly hearts and red tulips […]

03 Feb

She Wears Many Hats

I think I’ve mentioned before that with the portrait series I’m trying to explore ideas I originally shot as self portraits. I’ve always wanted to redo the Mad Hatter shot of myself from two years ago because it’s a great idea and I felt I could do it better – and incorporate even more hats. […]

26 Jan

Altered Book: Awaken the Garden of Delights

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I started this altered book wanting to change the look of the folded pages by punching flower shapes into the paper. I was going to do this throughout the entire book but the more pages I did the less effective it seemed as a technique because the punched […]

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