Category: Projects

18 Mar

A Crowd of Succulents

The thing I like most about making multiples of the same type of paper object is how they look when grouped together. I made more green succulents this week to balance out the red and orange. Even though these are fairly small they are beginning to overrun the studio…

03 Feb

Projects in the Long Term

At an artist networking event I attended on the weekend I was reminded of a piece of work by Germaine Koh I encountered years ago called, Knitwork. It’s an on-going project she’s been doing since 1992 where she unravels used garments and then re-knits the yarn into one long continuous object. I’m attracted to this […]

16 Sep

Tiny Intricate Pattern

I know this looks like a drawing or even a digitally created design, but it is hand cut paper. The design is cut from white paper and is backed with black. I shared work in progress of this Islamic pattern design back in August, and I finished it a short time later. In my post-artist […]

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