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20 Aug

Pattern Mixing Diptych in Turquoise

Earlier today I was looking at the sketchbook drawing this piece is based upon and realized how much more complex it became in the final version. It was always a diptych but the paper cut version walked away with additional sections and way more elaborate patterning. This turquoise blue paper is my number one favourite […]

06 Aug

Pattern Mixing in Poppy Orange

This is the second in my new series of pattern mixing paper cut pieces. I finished this piece in late June, and was super jazzed about how beautiful it turned out. The paper is a vibrant Poppy Orange and the patterns play together in an energetic way that is pleasing to the eye. I hand […]

09 Jul

Pattern Mixing in Cut Paper Series

This is the first in a new series of pattern mixing pieces I started working on back in late May/early June. I’ve been pondering creating this work for a loooooong time, and only figured out how to bring it to life thanks to planning and drawing in a sketchbook. (I’ll share some of those at […]

19 Jun

Work In Progress: Printmaking/Cut Paper Collaboration

Late last year I met with my friends Rebekah and Norberto, who run The Hive Printing, to talk about working together on pieces for a show I have in 2021. I want to include screen prints but don’t have the skills the create the work I have in mind, and asked if they’d be interested […]

20 May

Work In Progress: Patterns of Influence

Towards the end of April my mental health started to collapse. I lost hope, and felt I had nothing to look forward to. I also felt intensely isolated because while I do lots of reaching out to people, very few reach out in return. I’ve struggled with depression in the past and could feel a […]

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