Category: Process

12 May

Thirty Days of Drawing Project

I decided to begin a thirty day project on the first day of May as a way to get inspired and generate new ideas. I’ve been feeling artistically stale and stagnant lately, and hoped it would be a good way to shake things up. I chose a blank sketchbook as my platform and decided to […]

05 May

Work in Progress: Sketching Triangles in a Circle

I started this piece so that I could shoot a quick hyperlapse earlier this week to share on Instagram. I’ve learned to not do this while working on something I want to turn out well. The tripod set up to shoot a video is kind of awkward in order to get close, and also distracting. […]

09 Mar

Work In Progress: Spirals and Waves

Progress on this piece has been much slower than I would have liked but I managed to put the finishing touches on it yesterday. The actual size is 19.5″ x 19.5″ hand cut from 98lb Canson Mi-Teintes paper. I think this is the largest 3D paper cut piece I have created to date. I drew an […]

06 Mar

Work In Progress: Stitching a Denim Skirt

When I started this clothing embellishment project in February I thought I would end up using a traditional sashiko pattern as my chosen design, but the highly structured approach didn’t suit what I had in mind for this skirt. I undid the work I’d started and took it in a completely different direction. I stitched […]

20 Feb

Work In Progress: Multiple Paper Cut Sketches

Before starting another 3D paper cut piece last week I decided to do a few small sketches to work out an idea I’ve had in my head for the last while. I wanted to make two half circles slightly offset at the centre, and cut these with 3D leaf shapes. I drew outlines on a […]

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