Category: Process

24 Jan

Work-In-Progress: The Sketchbook Project

I started working on my Sketchbook Project at the end of last week and things have been going very well. I decided I wanted to experiment and keep things loose with this and so far it’s working wonderfully well. I’ve chosen to do a mix of paper cuts and collage on alternating pages, exploring the […]

24 Aug

Pleated Paper Folding

On the weekend I met up with origami artist, Joseph Wu, to hang out and learn how to fold paper into pleats. Joseph had offered to share his vast knowledge of paper folding techniques when he saw my latest altered book experiments on Instagram. It took me forever to fold the first sheet of paper, […]

15 Mar

Timelapse: Constructing A Form From Cardboard

Thanks to a photo taken in India by a traveling friend, I found the right bit of inspiration to fuel my project around toilet paper rolls. I started experimenting with the cardboard in a new way and shot a timelapse with my iPhone during part of the process. The final form of this project is […]

24 Jan

2010 in Review and Moving Forward

Even though one year flows into another with no real difference between them, at this time of year it always feels as if we’re about to start something new with the hope of life being better (or maybe just different) in the coming year. It’s a time of reflection on the previous twelve months, mostly […]

04 Aug

Forgotten Knowledge: Second Progress Report

I was away on Quadra Island with Boris’ family last week which was a vacation but it also meant a long break from working on this project. Monday I resumed cutting up encyclopedias and as of today I have twenty-one of the twenty-five books completed. I love it when hard work pays off and things […]

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