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19 Mar

Paper Cut: Eye-Bending Design

Hooray! Hooray!! I’ve completed the paper cut design I’ve been working on for the past week or so. The finished paper size is 24″ x 19″, which is definitely the largest one of these I’ve completed to date. I’m very pleased with this because I didn’t think I’d make it all the way to the […]

14 Mar

Work-In-Progress Paper Cut

Last week I mentioned beginning work on larger paper cut work, and this is the second of the two. The paper size is approximately 19″ x 24″ and is a thinner stock than the grey paper I was working with last week to create the flower shaped paper cut. I’m enjoying working with the basic […]

09 Mar

Paper Cutting and Working Larger

For the past month I’ve been creating small paper cut designs to practise and refine my technique. This week I wanted to begin working larger but I wasn’t sure about exactly what I wanted to do, so I started playing around with ideas in my sketchbook. It seems funny to use a sketchbook for paper […]

22 Feb

More Paper Cut Designs

The paper cutting has continued, though I’ve slowed down a bit this week to concentrated on making a series of small collages. I owe a debt of gratitude to the Sketchbook Project for inspiring new work in a few different directions. These are my favourite recent designs, all of which were created on 9.75″ x […]

06 Feb

Obsessed with Cutting Paper

The paper cutting obsession, which started with the Sketchbook Project, continues on. Tiny pieces of cut paper and worn out blades are starting to pile up around here, but I’m learning much in the process. These are three of the most recent ones I’ve made using a pack of coloured paper picked up at Yoko […]

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