Category: Process

24 Oct

Making Clothing New Again Through Sashiko Stitching

This is an upcycling project I was thinking about all summer and did not have a breakthrough on until two weeks ago, shortly after the French knot obsession began. The piece of clothing is a favourite red coat I bought secondhand over ten years ago, and it has been sitting unworn and in need of repair […]

12 Oct

French Knot Embroidery in Paper

My experiments in making french knots on paper the other week led to working on a larger and more elaborate piece that I finished in the studio on Monday. I took many photos of my progress as I worked. The consistency of my French knots has seen a huge improvement from those first tentative test pieces. […]

03 Oct

Work In Progress: Embroidery on Paper Tests

I recently made the transition from stitching on cloth to paper, which was bound to happen sooner or later because I am a paper artist after all. I started with a small scrap piece of paper and made a circle of French knots in red thread. I added the paper cut design after the embroidery […]

29 Sep

Behind the Scenes While I Work

Last week I did a quick paper cut piece as both a warm up and a painting experiment using acrylic ink. I shot two time lapse videos with my iPhone during the cutting process, and then during the painting process and shared these on Instagram. It’s a great way to step back from my own […]

12 Sep

Expanding the Stitching Repertoire

Sashiko stitching has been a gateway technique fuelling my long-held desire to learn how to embroider. I decided I wanted to expand from the straight stitch used in sashiko, and learn how to add texture with thread. I borrowed a book from the library just before the Labour Day weekend, and started working on a […]

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