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I’m continuing with my close-up look at some of the recent work I created for Voices From Another Room at Hot Art Wet City.

I wanted to explore different forms with the three dimensional paper cut vessels, and I had this idea of creating a sculpture of stacked cubes. Some of the previous vessels are pieced together from multiple pieces of paper, while others are created from a single sheet. In the case of these cubes, these were each cut from a single sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ black cardstock.

Cut Paper Cubes

Cut paper cubes

I found a template on creating square boxes and used this as my guide to the structure of the box, but hand drew each one in the end. The designs were created freeform and hand cut using an xacto knife. I made six of these in all with the idea they would cluster together on a plith. Each cube is 2.5″ x 2.5″ square.

Cut paper cubes

Cut paper cubes

As with the flowerbust installation shared previously, I think I will continue creating more of these to build further on the idea for a future show.

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What began as playing around in the studio last July, evolved into a long term side project by September, has become an intricate paper installation for Voices From Another Room.

I’d always had the idea in mind to create something larger from this series of small paper cut “flower-bursts” but until fairly recently, I had no idea how to bring them together. I’d considered stitching them, but decided the thinly cut paper was too fragile.

Work-in-progress paper cut project

When I was experimenting with pining these to a wall, the pins were to delicate and difficult to penetrate the surface of the wall. I decided to use a piece of black foamcore as my base, which also allowed me to place and arrange the flower-bursts in layers. Eventually I figured out I needed to cut the foamcore into small circles of various sizes and have the installation become a modular piece I can arrange in various formations.

Voices From Another Room


The end result is what you see above.

I’ve decided to keep making these and eventually create an even larger arrangement for a show I’m doing a year from now. At the moment I have just over one hundred individual paper cut flower-bursts, but how will it look with two or three hundred…?

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For the past two days Boris and I have working away on my installation at the Gladstone Hotel for the exhibition, If Walls Could Talk. We had three days for install but we managed to get it done in two. It was a tonne of work, and at the beginning I truly had my doubts this piece would come together, but the completed installation looks even better than I’d hoped.

I made sure to document the process from the beginning, starting with Boris up a ladder weaving metal cable back and forth through the existing hooks in the twelve foot ceiling. The cable is the basic infrastructure from which all the wing clusters hang.

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-2

The clusters are made up of eight wings cut from card stock in various sizes and shapes. I was using the bottom of the ladder as a staging an assembling area to string the wire, and then cut and fit the wings together one cluster at a time.

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-3

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-4

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-6

Boris did all of the ladder work on my behalf, which I am extremely grateful for because I am afraid of heights and this was a twelve foot ceiling.

Once we get a rhythm going, I was assembling six to eight wing clusters at a time so we could hang a bunch in one go. It was a good way to work because it filled the space faster, and helped me figure out how much more we needed to complete the work.

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-7

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-8

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-9

I cut just over six hundred individual wings to use in the installation, and did not end up needing to include them all. I think the final tally of wings included in the piece is somewhere between four and five hundred. I wanted to make sure I had more than enough to work with because I wouldn’t be able to cut more once I arrived in Toronto. The wings were created using a Silhouette Cameo digital cutter, rather than done by hand. I am not that crazy.

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-10

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-2

Once the installation was completed we tweaked the lighting. The shadows projected on the wall behind it are pretty dramatic and incredible. It adds a beautiful sense of movement to the piece.

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-3

Flight Pattern - Taking Flight Installation-2

Here is a short video of Flight Path / Taking Flight. I think this may win as the largest piece of artwork I have made to date.

You can see Flight Path / Taking Flight as part of If Walls Could Talk at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. The show opens Thursday March 6th 2014, and my work will be up until March 16th.