Category: Process

20 Feb

Work In Progress: Multiple Paper Cut Sketches

Before starting another 3D paper cut piece last week I decided to do a few small sketches to work out an idea I’ve had in my head for the last while. I wanted to make two half circles slightly offset at the centre, and cut these with 3D leaf shapes. I drew outlines on a […]

15 Feb

A Heart for the Day of Hearts

I drew this heart as a gift to give friends we were joining for dinner on Valentine’s Day. It’s inspired by line work I revisited last week as I worked on a commission that combines paper cut and drawing. I decided to shoot a hyperlapse of the work in progress and shared it on Instagram. […]

11 Jan

Revisiting My Paper Cutting Sketchbook

I want to take my paper cutting work in a new direction incorporating different shapes because the usual ones are starting to feel stale. I’ve been working with them for five years now, and it is time to expand my repertoire of shapes. I brought out the sketchbook I use for brainstorming paper cutting ideas […]

14 Dec

French Knots on Paper in Blue

I started working on a fourth French knots in paper piece during Culture Crawl weekend to keep myself occupied during the slow times, and also to demonstrate process to visitors. There are so many people who did not realize the framed embroidery pieces were made with thread, so it was perfect to have something on […]

07 Dec

Making Marks with Thread

I’ve been working on another clothing embellishment project in my head over the last few weeks, and when I sat down to finally start it on Monday I realized the idea was not going to work well with the fabric. I wanted to do more sashiko style patterns but the type of fabric doesn’t take […]

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