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Two weeks ago I set aside the tyvek installation because it was feeling stale to work on, and did a little side trip into drawing again. I decided to do a series of repetitive drawings using metallic gel pen on black paper. To date I’ve made three of these on 12″ x 12″ black paper, and I have plans to do one or two more.

I experimented with shooting short process videos using my iPhone while working on two of the three pieces. For the top one I held the phone in my left hand while I drew with my right. That was awkward and felt unnatural because I normally use my left hand to rotate the paper as I draw. With the video below I used the Hyperlapse app to do a timelapse version of me drawing, and attached it to a lamp instead of trying to hand hold and shoot. Both videos are mesmerizing to watch because I love the smooth motion of pen on paper.

I’ll share the drawings themselves in another post.

March 11th, 2016 | Comments Off on Flying Over Four Feet of Tyvek

On Wednesday I managed to make it past the four foot mark with the tyvek piece. To document this progress I took a video with my phone and shared it on Instagram. It’s impossible to fit it into the frame of one photo, so this works rather well.

I think of this as a “fly over” video, similar to filming while flying over the earth in a plane.

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March 7th, 2016 | Comments Off on Succulent Growth

How many different titles can I come up with to include the word succulent, is something I wonder every time I write a new blog post about the project. I think I made ten more last week, as I switched between working on the growing cluster of paper plants and the giant piece of tyvek I am cutting.


They have started taking over the top of my paper drawer because there are twenty-five of them now. I love how they look, with all that repeating shape, texture, and delicious colour.

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