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21 Mar

Five Good Things from the Weekend

1. Walking outside in the sunshine enjoying a gorgeous spring day hand-in-hand with B. 2. Visiting the cherry blossoms in McSpadden Park – some of the first flowering trees I’ve seen in our neighbourhood. 3. Walking 5km of the seawall that runs along the perimeter of Stanley Park. So many beautiful things to see, including […]

30 Aug

Light Leaks Magazine Showcase Gallery

Back in April I was approached by the editors of Light Leaks Magazine to do a showcase of my toy camera and polaroid photos. I was thrilled because it’s a toy camera magazine I’ve been reading for the past couple of years, and there’s always interesting work to be seen in it’s pages. The latest […]

06 May

Polaroid Week 2010

Looking every which way Wooden Toys Shadow people on the way to dinner Tulips School bus 11 I’m down to my last pack of expired polaroid. I have three shots left and I really want to make ’em count. Wish me luck in finding three fabulous things to photograph and then it’s bye bye polaroid […]

07 Nov

Polaroid Week November 2009: Red Leaves

Japanese Maple leaves turn the most vivid red of any tree I’ve seen. They are a favorite site when autumn rolls around and their intense colour seems bright even on the rainiest fall days. These were both taken along my street while I walked to catch the bus to work one morning.

06 Nov

Polaroid Week November 2009: Yellow Leaves

These are some of the shots I took this week during Polaroid week 2009. I jokingly commented to someone on the above photo on flickr that being a photographer gives you an excuse to buy interesting shoes to use in photographs. It’s not a bad idea.

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