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04 Mar

A Touch of Spring

These are the remaining portraits taken during the same photo shoot as the pink ones in my previous blog post. From the colourful wall of La Casa Gelato Sam and I wandered over to the nearby Strathcona Community garden. This was where I’d hope to shoot all along but I’m glad for the interesting sidetrack […]

02 Mar

Pretty In Pink

When I started the Imaginary Girl series back in September 2009 I’d had in mind to shoot at least twenty-five different women for the project. But over the summer I was side-tracked by other work and the whole thing lost momentum. Only now, a good six months after the previous shoot, have I managed to […]

10 Sep

Ebb and Flow of the Calm Blue Ocean

The Imaginary Girl series rises from the creative depths once again, this time with a lovely unposed portrait of Leah. When planning a photo shoot around the ocean I should’ve kept in mind how unpredictable water can be depending on the weather. Leah and I arrived at Jericho Beach to find the waves crashing against […]

28 Jun


I shot this portrait of Stephanie at the beginning of June and as of the beginning of July it will be in a group show at Gallery Gachet along with the portrait I took of Jess. (How’s that for putting new work to work.) This was taken on Granville Island with the giant leaves of […]

26 May

Tangled Threads

I first met Kirsten Chursinoff at Northern Voice a few years ago, when she came up to chat with me between sessions. She recognized me from Flickr and as we talked I realized I’d seen her textile work a few years before at The Secret Garden Tea Company. This portrait session was very much inspired […]

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