Category: Paper

11 Jul

Wearable Art, Red Blooms

This piece was the first of the wearable art work I began in the spring, and it ended up getting finished last because I got caught up in making the other two pieces. For a long time I was stuck on how to create a base or attach the flowers together in a way that […]

27 Jun

Photographing Recent Work

In preparation for¬†Hammer Cut Stitch Repeat in September I’ve been photographing work for the show. I have a deadline at the end of this week where photos are due, and it’s been a good excuse to get a few things documented. I love this detail photo of me behind a close-up of one of my […]

20 Jun

Wearable Paper Art in Blue

Last week felt productive in the studio when I finally finished two of the three wearable art pieces. I cut the remaining blue flower bits and figured out how to bring it all together into a necklace using wire, beads, and a pre-made metal neck-sized ring that I found at DeSerres. I could have done […]

08 Jun

Blue Bits and Pretty Scraps

This week I’ve switched projects again and I’m back working on paper wearable number two, or is it three?! There are definitely three of these on the go, but I think I originally started this second, and the red one first. I still need to go back to that first paper wearable and get it […]

06 Jun

Wearable Triangles Progress

Up until recently I got a little sidetracked by working on my website rather than in the studio. But last week I made some major progress on the triangle wearable. The photo above is of the first version from a few weeks ago, and the second photo (positioned in a spiral) was after I added […]

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