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This is one of those ideas I’ve had on my mind for a few years and only now have I found the opportunity to work on. I want to make large paper cut work but I’ve held back because of the logistics of how to do it when the project is larger than both my work surface and my studio. The paper I work on when I cut is in constant motion and rotation, and when the paper is large I’m not sure how to do this without damage.

With this project I decided to use the roll of tyvek left over from an installation I made a few years ago. I’d started cutting a design into the roll early last year and never went back to it because I didn’t have a good plan. But this time I decided to cut the width of the tyvek in half but keep the length, and also roughly plan out the design.



I’ve divided the tyvek into five sections and sketched out rough guidelines on each one. I’m using triangles rather than my favourite crescent shape because it lends itself better to working large. This is the progress I made on the project so far, which is about three of the seven feet.



I had Boris take a photo of me holding up the roll to demonstrate the size of this work. I’m enjoying working on this thing because I like the challenge. Progress is going much faster than I’d thought it would, which is terrific because I have many other things to work on once this is complete.


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I enjoy looking back through the year end review blog posts from previous years because it reminds me of things I’d forgotten about. I think all of the posts are filled with photos of nature and artwork, and this year is no exception.

Heart paper cut work

Hearting the Neighbourhood

Toronto graffiti & street art

Spring in Vancouver

May long weekend on Bowen Island

Kirigami paper cuts

Work in progress paper cut design


Work in progress paper cut - detail

Work in progress - Moon

Anna's Hummingbird

TerraSkin paper - Circle series

May 2015 be a good one for us all!

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Part two is for sharing the remaining three TerraSkin paper cuts exploring circles. Part one can be found here.

The series of six explores circles in new ways for me, as well as allowed me to work with TerraSkin paper more extensively. It feels slippery and light but is super easy to cut because there is no resistance to the knife. Each piece is 9″ x 11″, and each circle is about 7.25″ in diameter.

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-2

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-3

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-4

I backed these in black for the purposes of the photos but these will actually be displayed without a backing paper and unframed.

This work will be on display as part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival in January 2015 along with other designers and artists as a window display called, Vancouver Outside The Box. More details available on the website.

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