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20 Feb

Work In Progress: Multiple Paper Cut Sketches

Before starting another 3D paper cut piece last week I decided to do a few small sketches to work out an idea I’ve had in my head for the last while. I wanted to make two half circles slightly offset at the centre, and cut these with 3D leaf shapes. I drew outlines on a […]

09 Feb

Work in Progress: Changing Patterns in Paper Cutting

My sketchbook explorations in January have led to the beginnings of a few new pieces of work. I want to find new shapes and patterns to cut that are variations on what I’ve been doing for years. The piece pictured here is the first of those. It’s still a work in progress because I’m sitting […]

30 Jan

Etsy Shop Update: Valentine’s Day Paper Cut Work

I make a few heart-shaped paper cut pieces in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s day, and I’ve recently added two of these to my Etsy shop. I made one in deep red paper backed with white, and one in white paper backed in a bright red. Red paper cut heart on Etsy » White paper […]

17 Jan

Studio Sale!

Join me on Saturday January 28th, 11:30am to 4pm, for a studio sale of EPIC PROPORTIONS!!! I’ll have a mix of work created over the past ten years (or so) priced low to sell. The selection will include metal prints, liquid light prints, small collage work, paper cut pieces, and the last of my altered […]

13 Jan

From Sketchbook To Finished Work

I didn’t include the sketch that led to this finished piece in my blog post from the other day, but that is where this started on a smaller scale. I liked the sketch and felt it was time to work with the idea on a full sized piece of paper. The repeating shape is an […]

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