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This is work I have been sitting on for months while I waited for the advertisements to be approved by the client and go to print. I was commissioned in June by ReThink Communications to cut and fabricate by hand two illustrated scenes created from ten layers of paper to advertise So Nice soy and almond milk.

Around the time I completed my part of the work I shared two tiny details of a bird and a maple leaf, one from each scene. It gives an idea of the scale I was working at, though both scenes once assembled were approximately 9.75″ high, 3.75″ wide, and 8″ long.

So Nice work
Work in progress of the Yoga pose diorama, just after all the layers were cut.

So Nice work-6
So Nice work-3
Work in progress of the Yoga pose diorama, fully assembled in my studio.

So Nice work-2
Work in progress of the Gardening diorama, just after all the layers were cut.

So Nice work-4
So Nice work-5
Work in progress of the Gardening diorama, fully assembled in my studio.

The paper I worked with was 100lb watercolour paper, which was a heavier paper than I was used to at the time. The agency wanted a handmade look and feel to the pieces, to suit the organic focus of the products. The blank cartons were provided by the client, and skinned in post-production by the agency.

The final version of the artwork used in the advertisement can be viewed in my portfolio.

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This piece was originally going to be a square made of smaller squares, but as I got closer to completion I felt the idea was really boring. I left the two opposing corner squares uncut for a few weeks while I contemplated what it needed to feel right, and I chose circles over squares.

Keep Apart-3

Keep Apart-4

Looking at this now I begin to wonder whether all of these recent geometric paper cuts would be stronger if they were cut away from the surrounding white paper and floated against the colourful background. Food for thought in the work I create in future. I should mention the colours in real life are not as bright as pictured here.

Keep Apart-2

Keep Apart

The finished piece is 17″ x 14″ cut from Canson drawing paper, and backed with Canson Mi-teintes coloured papers. This is but one of the many new works on display in my show at Kafka opening this Friday.

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As I was working on a price list and titles for work in my upcoming show at Kafka, I realized there are a few pieces I haven’t yet shared here. I document everything on Instagram, and sometimes work doesn’t make it beyond there.

There are three pieces I reworked a few weeks (or maybe even months) after I initially felt they were complete, and this is one of those three. I was inspired by an image of intertwined circles I came across on the sidewalk of my neighbourhood, but as a paper cut design it felt rather dull. I went back and added smaller rings within the two larger ones, and then it felt complete.

Intertwine - detail

Intertwine - detail

I was following my fascination with circles at the time, and I would really like to redo this same idea in a different way. I’m happy with this piece but there are things about it I want to do better.

Intertwine - detail


The finished paper cut design is created from 14″ x 17″ Canson drawing paper, backed with red water colour paper. It’s all framed and ready for it’s IRL debut at Kafka next week.

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