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21 Oct

The Return of the Red Umbrella

Five Wonderful Things: 1. Picking up my red umbrella from The Umbrella Shop on Broadway where I’d taken it for repair, and finding out they fixed it for FREE. (Buy an umbrella there because they are awesome!) 2. Getting starting on altered book number five. 3. Creating a button design to submit for the upcoming […]

06 Oct

Change the way you tell the story

From Free Will Astrology: LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Change your password. Take a different way home. Ask a question you’ve never asked. Dream up a new nickname for yourself. Choose a new lucky number. Change the way you tell the story about an important event in your past. Make it a little more difficult for […]

25 Aug

Artist: Morgan Brig

While in Seattle last weekend for a conference I came across the extraordinary work of artist, Morgan Brig. My friends and I were wandering back to our hotel along Second Avenue when her work caught our attention in the window of Patricia Rovzar Gallery. We were immediately drawn in to take a closer look. Her […]

28 Apr

Path of petals

“Pain and conflict are, to a large extent, the result of a discrepancy between the way we think others should treat us, react to us, and appreciate us, and the way they actually do. Many of our miseries are thus rooted in self-pity, the most worthless of all human emotions.” –Ann Davies, Qabalist teacher Too […]

11 Apr

Artfest 2009: There and back again

It’s hard to write about Artfest a week after my return. Things just don’t feel as fresh in my mind, and it wasn’t the transformational experience for me that it seems to have been for lots of people that have attended over the years. I think the reason why is because I feel very in […]

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