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18 Nov

Scenes From A Visit to Victoria

Last weekend Boris and I took advantage of the long weekend and went over to Victoria to visit friends. It was a much needed getaway after a busy month, and a nice break before the craziness of Culture Crawl this weekend. We saw beautiful scenery on a day trip to Sooke and nearby beaches, as […]

09 Nov

Pattern Inspiration By Sarah Pike

I came across the beautiful work of Sarah Pike a few months ago on instagram. When I recently learned she’d be having a show in Vancouver I jumped at the chance to purchase one of her pieces. The mug is what I came away with after doing a super quick drive-by visit to her opening […]

04 Nov

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

As the guiding principle for what I wanted to express in my artist talk last weekend for the Talking Art speaker series I posed the question, “What are the stories you tell yourself?”. There are stories we tell ourselves about what we can and cannot do, and these are the things that keep us from […]

23 Sep

In Situ with the Work of Bharti Kher

I went to see the lovely exhibition of work by artist Bharti Kher at the Vancouver Art Gallery last week. I love the show. Her work has a strong focus on materials and labour intensive process, both things I explore in my own work. The artwork is contemplative, emotional and feminine, and the whole exhibition […]

01 Sep

Experiments with Textile Dyeing

I am moving more towards upcycing, repairing, and redoing my clothing, and the latest tool I can use to do this is dyeing. I recently purchased the sleeveless top pictured here from Value Village but felt the original pink colour didn’t suit me. I decided to try dyeing it red to make it more suitable, and also […]

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