May 20th, 2015 | Comments Off on Highlights From the ECUAD 2015 Graduation Exhibition

I dropped in on the 2015 Grad Show at Emily Carr a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share my favourites from the exhibition. The show just came down this past weekend, so it’s too late to see these for yourself.

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show
Sediments by Madeline Kloepper

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-2
Two Thoughts on the Landscape by Dan Brown Hozjan

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-3
Causeway by Carly Mucha

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show
Inheritance by JunXiang Shao

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-5
Untitled by Hee Yun Kim

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-6
Fertility Fest by Emily Beattie

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-7
This is Dread, this is absurd and I see now the Devil is Bones, Just Bones by Nomi Chi

Emily Carr 2015 Grad Show-8
Collected Meditations by Alison McLeod

I’m definitely attracted to certain kinds of work, especially when it involved pattern, textures, and line work.

April 2nd, 2015 | Comments Off on Drawing As A Meditative Process

From the loose organic shaped line drawings I shared yesterday I went back to shaping the lines into circles. They feel like a succulent plant more than a flower. I’ve drawn four of these as of today, because I am obsessive when trying out an idea.


The top drawing with the close up photo beneath it was done with metallic gel pen. For the rest of the drawings I’ve been back to working with a white gel pen. I find the process of drawing these lines to be as meditative as paper cutting because it still has me working in repetition of the same lines and shapes.



These feel like finished pieces, and they may soon end up in a show that has unexpectedly come my way. Despite that, I’m still trying to play as much as possible when I’m in the studio.

March 18th, 2015 | Comments Off on Name Tag Doodles for Creative Mornings Vancouver

I’ve been a volunteer with Creative Mornings Vancouver for about two years, and some of my duties include running the Instagram account, and coming up with the icebreaker question related to the monthly theme. The global theme in March is Ink, and I decided to ask people to decorate their nametags instead of asking them to answer a question.

I doodled these fancy name tags for our volunteers to wear to Martin Jackson’s talk on March 6th, but also to use as samples to promote the idea.

Decorate your nametag...

Name tag

Decorate your nametag...

I made about fifteen, and it was so fun to doodle and play with the colourful markers. I wish we could do this every month, but maybe I just need an on-going doodle project.