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23 Sep

In Situ with the Work of Bharti Kher

I went to see the lovely exhibition of work by artist Bharti Kher at the Vancouver Art Gallery last week. I love the show. Her work has a strong focus on materials and labour intensive process, both things I explore in my own work. The artwork is contemplative, emotional and feminine, and the whole exhibition […]

01 Sep

Experiments with Textile Dyeing

I am moving more towards upcycing, repairing, and redoing my clothing, and the latest tool I can use to do this is dyeing. I recently purchased the sleeveless top pictured here from Value Village but felt the original pink colour didn’t suit me. I decided to try dyeing it red to make it more suitable, and also […]

14 Aug

Juxtapoz x Superflat Exhibition

The day after visiting the Seattle Art Fair last weekend I took Boris with me to see the Juxtapoz X Superflat show at Pivot Art + Culture. It was in the South Lake Union neighbourhood, which is an area of Seattle I hadn’t previously explored, and it seemed to be filled with cool art venues, […]

12 Aug

Making Polymer Clay Beads

I was recently inspired by people I follow on Instagram to try making polymer clay beads. I worked with the clay many years ago at a workshop taught by Laurie Mika at ArtFest, but the end project was to make a portable shadowbox shrine. I’d never considered making beads before, and now I want to make them […]

11 Aug

Inspiration: Louise Despont Draws Deep

My friend Snikitiki shared this wonderful video with me on Twitter yesterday, of artist Louise Despont in her studio. I love how she talks about her work because it reminds me of how I feel about my own. Visit her website to see more work.

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