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14 Aug

Juxtapoz x Superflat Exhibition

The day after visiting the Seattle Art Fair last weekend I took Boris with me to see the Juxtapoz X Superflat show at Pivot Art + Culture. It was in the South Lake Union neighbourhood, which is an area of Seattle I hadn’t previously explored, and it seemed to be filled with cool art venues, […]

12 Aug

Making Polymer Clay Beads

I was recently inspired by people I follow on Instagram to try making polymer clay beads. I worked with the clay many years ago at a workshop taught by Laurie Mika at ArtFest, but the end project was to make a portable shadowbox shrine. I’d never considered making beads before, and now I want to make them […]

11 Aug

Inspiration: Louise Despont Draws Deep

My friend Snikitiki shared this wonderful video with me on Twitter yesterday, of artist Louise Despont in her studio. I love how she talks about her work because it reminds me of how I feel about my own. Visit her website to see more work.

10 Aug

Scenes from the 2016 Seattle Art Fair

Boris and I did a short trip to Seattle over the weekend to visit friends, but I also timed it to coincide with the Seattle Art Fair.  This was my first experience attending a large art fair like this, and it was AMAZING! There was so much to see that my brain almost overloaded in the […]

20 Jul

Designed to Speak

Designed to Speak is an outlet of inspiration for designers and design enthusiasts profiling creative people of all disciplines with the objective to help inspire and engage the design community. I did this interview all the way back in April 2014 with Trevor Jansen and Mahyar Saeedi. I was asked to share my thoughts on making by hand […]

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