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04 Jan

Scenes From Wintery Bowen Island

Boris and I spent a few days away on Bowen Island at his parents place over the holidays, and it was the winteriest Christmas I’ve experienced in eight years. It’s been way colder than is normal this season and the snow has been sticking when it falls, which is not at all typical for Vancouver. I’m […]

02 Jan

Embellished Jacket with Hand Stitching

I gave a little hint about this clothing upcycling project when I was getting started at the beginning of December, but I had to wait until now to share it because it was a gift for Boris. We picked up this sports jacket from Value Village a few months ago with the idea I would decorate […]

30 Dec

2016: A Year End Review in Twelve Photos

It’s always good for me to do a year end review in twelve photos at the end of a year, because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the work I’ve done over the past twelve months. I’ve been feeling like my paper work was stuck in a rut this year, but the photos […]

18 Nov

Scenes From A Visit to Victoria

Last weekend Boris and I took advantage of the long weekend and went over to Victoria to visit friends. It was a much needed getaway after a busy month, and a nice break before the craziness of Culture Crawl this weekend. We saw beautiful scenery on a day trip to Sooke and nearby beaches, as […]

09 Nov

Pattern Inspiration By Sarah Pike

I came across the beautiful work of Sarah Pike a few months ago on instagram. When I recently learned she’d be having a show in Vancouver I jumped at the chance to purchase one of her pieces. The mug is what I came away with after doing a super quick drive-by visit to her opening […]

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