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13 Oct


I celebrated thanksgiving dinner with friends yesterday evening, and one of the questions asked was, “what are you thankful for?” The conversation was sidetracked well before it came time for me to answer, but it had been the exact question I’d been asking myself in an unfinished blog entry mere hours before. I wasn’t able […]

06 Oct

Good Things

Week 22 – Maggie, from my 52 weeks self portrait series. 10 Good Things from the Weekend: 1. Being part of the most personal and special wedding I’ve ever attended. My friends Marc and Jacquie really did things right. 2. Sitting at the Blenz in Horseshoe Bay enjoying a lovely morning while waiting to catch […]

22 Sep

Life is an Art

Week 21 – Life is an Art. From the 52 Weeks self portrait series. Good things from the weekend: – a delicious meal that came in many small bowls, followed by a very tasty dessert – all made by Zak. – Saturday brunch at the Sandbar on Granville Island – the fastest trip through Ikea […]

15 Sep

Angel & Devil

Good things from the weekend: 1. Beautiful dahlias from the Kitsilano Farmers Market. 2. Walks and talks to and from Jericho Beach. 3. Fresh made egg pancakes with sugar and lemon. 4. Laughing over my seat adjustment antics in the truck with Hendrik. 5. A long leisurely Sunday afternoon.

19 Aug

Starlings Take Flight

This is my favorite shot taken on my Portland trip. I love watching birds take flight. I keep meaning to write about the good summer I have been having but so far I haven’t been able to find the time. Here are a few good things: 1. Slowly transforming my apartment into a more inspiring […]

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