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15 Sep

Angel & Devil

Good things from the weekend: 1. Beautiful dahlias from the Kitsilano Farmers Market. 2. Walks and talks to and from Jericho Beach. 3. Fresh made egg pancakes with sugar and lemon. 4. Laughing over my seat adjustment antics in the truck with Hendrik. 5. A long leisurely Sunday afternoon.

19 Aug

Starlings Take Flight

This is my favorite shot taken on my Portland trip. I love watching birds take flight. I keep meaning to write about the good summer I have been having but so far I haven’t been able to find the time. Here are a few good things: 1. Slowly transforming my apartment into a more inspiring […]

18 Jun

Five good things

1. Getting my apartment sorted out after too many days of living in the mess created by repairs in part of the space. 2. Starting to read The World Without Us. 3. Having my hair cut shorter, but not yet as short as before. 4. Keeping up with my goal to write letters to send […]

14 Apr

Somewhere on the way to somewhere else

Taken with a pinhole camera. Ten good things: 1. Taking the whole weekend off. 2. Unexpected invitations to a very yummy brunch with nice people. 3. A whole three days of glorious sunshine. 4. Finally buying my very own copy of “The Iron Giant”. 5. A mini road trip out of town with the help […]

11 Feb

Meeting other makers

On Sunday I went to meet up on Main Street with a small group of Vancouver-based etsy makers and sellers. The whole thing was arranged by the lovely Rita Leung, who went to great lengths to let many people know about the meeting using etsy’s very limited contact system. (You can only send emails one […]

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