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12 Dec

100 Things I Love

This list is inspired by Degan’s, which was in turn inspired by Hula Seventy’s. 1. Spirals 2. Yuuki tail feathers 3. The colour red 4. Hugs 5. Black tea with milk and honey 6. Japanese paper 7. Yoga 8. Candied ginger 9. Lemon verbena soap from Trader Joes 10. Roadtrips 11. Writing letters 12. Stationery […]

01 Dec


Traveling to Bowen Island just got a whole lot faster, easier, and fun with the introduction of the Granville Island Water Taxi service. Boris and I took it over to Bowen on friday evening, and came back on it Sunday night. It costs more than the regular bus and ferry combo, but getting home in […]

26 Oct

Jellyfish are Pretty

Good Things: 1. Having a weekend that was busy, fun, and restful. 2. Hanging out at Blenz writing letters, drinking hot chocolate, and doodling on someone’s arm. 3. Getting inspired to work on a new project and it’s due in two weeks. 4. Spending time wandering the city, hanging out with a friend, looking in […]

13 Oct


I celebrated thanksgiving dinner with friends yesterday evening, and one of the questions asked was, “what are you thankful for?” The conversation was sidetracked well before it came time for me to answer, but it had been the exact question I’d been asking myself in an unfinished blog entry mere hours before. I wasn’t able […]

06 Oct

Good Things

Week 22 – Maggie, from my 52 weeks self portrait series. 10 Good Things from the Weekend: 1. Being part of the most personal and special wedding I’ve ever attended. My friends Marc and Jacquie really did things right. 2. Sitting at the Blenz in Horseshoe Bay enjoying a lovely morning while waiting to catch […]

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