Category: Good things

01 Dec

Soul and the other

Five lovely moments from the week: 1) Walking alone through the deserted back streets of my neighbourhood as a light snow was falling. The silence and peace of the evening was stunningly beautiful. 2) A wonderfully productive day of working on my art. 3) Lying on the floor in front of a fire as conversations […]

21 Nov

My weekend was a mixture of good and bad. It was a very busy and social couple of days, but underneath it all I was feeling quite upset (but not depressed). An unresolved situation was back on my mind after weeks of feeling like I’d moved on, and I realized it was time to deal […]

03 Nov

Prayer position

Ten good things from this week: 1) Booking a getaway to somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. I’m very excited. 2) Seeing all the colourful leaves on the trees as we drove to and from the ferry on the island last weekend. 3) Catching up with Simone and Jacquie over dessert […]

25 Oct

Tamed orchid

From Free Will Astrology – LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Most flowers depend on pollinators to reproduce. Birds and insects brush up against a flower’s male parts, picking up pollen that they leave on the female parts of the next flower they visit. But nature has created an anomaly that doesn’t play by these rules. A […]

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