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02 May

Shredding the Past, Page By Page

As Boris and I settle back into our apartment we’ve continued to purge all sorts of things I hadn’t given much thought to before the disruption. I think everyone has way too much stuff, and we are no different, but nothing was getting done about it until we were forced to. There are a few […]

20 Apr

More Signs of Spring

This spring hasn’t felt as inspiring and magical as it usually does for me, but it may be because I haven’t been able to get outside and enjoy it as much. I’ve been down with a cold for the past week and a half, and it’s really affected my energy. Most of these photos were […]

06 Apr

Art Supply Giveaway 2018

It’s spring cleaning time in the studio, and on Saturday April 14th I will be part of the annual art supply giveaway with a group of artists in Strathcona. Drop by 800 Keefer Street at Hawks to browse a selection of unwanted (but still viable) supplies. This is the sixth year my friends and I […]

28 Mar

Signs of Spring

While the weather has continued to be mostly cold and rainy, there have been a few beautiful sunny days in between to enjoy. When this happens I go wandering the seawall looking for flowering trees in bloom. Surprisingly I have found more magnolias than cherry trees so far. Boris and I are moving back to […]

05 Feb

When Water Rushes In And Life Tilts Sideways

Three weeks ago on a Monday morning, just like this one, I was working from home on my computer. I had just put the finishing touches on a blog post when I started to hear the sound of water running, but in a way that seemed out of the ordinary. I got up from my […]

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