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I don’t know why, but I’ve been intimidated about tackling even the simplest DIY project around the house, and there are a few I’ve been contemplating for YEARS. Two weekends ago I decided to finally go for it, and started working on redoing two small projects, a wooden shelf in the bathroom, and a wooden shoeshine box. I didn’t have a clear idea for either of them, but I wanted each to be fun and colourful.

The shelf started out as an ugly dark green, and the shoeshine box started out as a beaten up object covered in greasy black polish. Neither were in great shape so I didn’t want to spend much money on the redo. I chose acrylic paint rather than latex to save money, and it seems to have worked out just fine.

Upcycled shelf

I regret not taking “before” photos of these two objects, but at the time I didn’t really care about sharing a before and after comparison. I painted many coats of white paint on each, and then had to decide what to do. I made up the designs as I went, using green painters tape to create the lines. There was a bit of clean up after I removed all of the tape, in areas where the paint snuck under.

Upcycled shoeshine box

Both pieces reside in our bathroom as organizers, and they are a welcome splash of colour to the decor. Now I’m considering my next DIY upcycling project…

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On Tuesday and Wednesday I listened in on Lisa Congdon’s class, Become a Working Artist, on Creative Live. Even though I’m well on my path as a working artist, I was curious to hear what she had to share. I readily admit I don’t have my career all figured out, and I was hoping for a few tidbits.

Lisa Congdon’s class is just the thing for someone starting out, with things like building a portfolio, marketing, social media, putting together a CV, etc. But there was plenty of information for more experienced artists as well. I really enjoyed the segments on goal setting, actionable tasks, creating a schedule, understanding the art world, and licensing work. These are all items I’m interested in (and kind of suck at), but it’s helpful to hear how someone else does things.

The way you learn how to be an artist is through trial and error, and through knowledge shared with you by another more experienced artist. I think art school helps to a certain degree, but I’m a self-taught artist finding my own way in the art world. There are oodles of resources out there in terms of artist materials, techniques, process, and mediums, but very little for professional development for artists.

I’ve focused more on consciously learning new skills (outside of art-making) these last two weeks, and it’s made me realize how little time I devote to professional development as an on-going goal. Watching the class, Become a Working Artist, was just the thing I needed to reinvigorate my desire to succeed as an artist, and to aim even higher in the goals I want to achieve.

If you’re interested in learning new things, visit the Creative Live website to check out the huge variety of classes they have available.

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Boris and I decided to spend an extra long weekend on Bowen Island earlier this week. It was lovely to spend a longer stretch of time there, and just relax. I walked in the forest every day, mostly in the morning and evening when the weather was cooler and the trails were empty of people.

Kilarney Lake

Kilarney Lake

Water Plants on Kilarney Lake


Tree with elephant trunk

The extra days away were just the thing to recharge Boris and I. We were badly in need of a vacation.