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23 May

Work In Progress Website

You may notice changes and broken things around here over the next few weeks (hopefully less). Boris and I are currently messing around with my website as we merge the portfolio and blog. I’ve been running my portfolio on Behance Pro Site for the past couple of years, and as their service is about to […]

11 May

Putting Sashiko Stitching To Work

At sewing bee yesterday evening I completed my first successful sashiko repair. I started it on Sunday evening and set it aside after getting frustrated. The hole is located on the inner thigh of my jeans, which made for an extremely awkward location to maneuver tiny stitches and a large needle. But I made it […]

02 May

Revisiting Sashiko Stitching with The Craft Lab

On the weekend I attended another Sashiko Stitching workshop taught by Heather Young of the Craft Lab, this time at Collage Collage. A lot of time has passed since the first workshop at Opus, and I wasn’t feeling like I had a full grasp of the technique, which is why I enrolled in this longer, […]

16 Mar

An Update on Spring Blooms

This spring season has been as wet as last year was dry. It’s been a downer on my mood in the short term, but I hope it ensures we’re safe from a long dry summer. The flowering trees keep doing their thing, rain or shine. I admire them for that. As always, they are the […]

09 Mar

Your task is to be dogged and persistent

I had to share the latest horoscope for Leo from Free Will Astrology, because it so strongly relates to many of the projects I’m working on these days. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): The marathon is a long-distance footrace with an official length of over 26 miles. Adults who are physically fit and well-trained can finish […]

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