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My attention has been shifting between working on prototypes for wearable paper pieces for a fall show, and a small series of repetitive drawings. Those started as a diversion (read that as procrastination) from the tyvek piece, and then became a series of its own. Last week I worked on the fourth in the series (the rest of which you can see here and here) and finished it as well.


I went with triangles this time, and worked it into a circle as I did with the others. The finished piece is metallic gel pen on 12″ x 12″ archival black paper.

I lined up the four pieces on my easel and took the above photo. I love all the texture and pattern in a row. A friend commented on Instagram that it reminded her of the phases of the moon. It was exactly what I was thinking.

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On the weekend I attended another Sashiko Stitching workshop taught by Heather Young of the Craft Lab, this time at Collage Collage. A lot of time has passed since the first workshop at Opus, and I wasn’t feeling like I had a full grasp of the technique, which is why I enrolled in this longer, more in-depth class. Now I think I’ve got it, and I have a clearer idea of what I want to do.

We did two projects in the class, both of which are pictured here. We did a sampler to practice making the stitches in straight lines, and then we had to come up with our own design in a circle to make a small pot holder. I ran out of time before getting to try a repair on a piece of clothing I brought with me. I took a photo of Heather’s sampler (below) to remind myself of the different ways to approach a visible repair. I’m going to try one of these on my favourite jeans.



I’m committed to doing more with sashiko stitching going forward, and even put my supplies together in their own little container.

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Two weeks ago I set aside the tyvek installation because it was feeling stale to work on, and did a little side trip into drawing again. I decided to do a series of repetitive drawings using metallic gel pen on black paper. To date I’ve made three of these on 12″ x 12″ black paper, and I have plans to do one or two more.

I experimented with shooting short process videos using my iPhone while working on two of the three pieces. For the top one I held the phone in my left hand while I drew with my right. That was awkward and felt unnatural because I normally use my left hand to rotate the paper as I draw. With the video below I used the Hyperlapse app to do a timelapse version of me drawing, and attached it to a lamp instead of trying to hand hold and shoot. Both videos are mesmerizing to watch because I love the smooth motion of pen on paper.

I’ll share the drawings themselves in another post.