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Yesterday I was about to start framing up a finished 3D paper cut piece, but needed to document it beforehand. I took this photo of the back of the piece with my desk lamp shining through the middle. It has a dramatic effect on the appearance of this piece, and makes the pattern even more mesmerizing.


One of the things I keep thinking about and would love to explore this year is creating paper cut light boxes. I know just the person to collaborate on this with (but have yet to reach out…)

I’ll share the front of this finished piece next week. It’s sitting in my dining room looking pretty wonderful at the moment.

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Leading up to Christmas I decided to go on a little bender of card making. I’ve had a pack of blank white cards for years just sitting in my supplies waiting to be made into something lovely. I went at a few of them with metallic gel pens and made the abstract series of cards pictured here.

Hand drawn cards

Hand drawn cards

Hand drawn cards

I gave most of them away to friends for Christmas, but these are like small sketches of larger pieces I would like to do when I get a moment.

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These are two small drawings recently created on cards for friends. I had the impulse to make instead of buy cards, and though my original intention was to cut a design I settled upon drawing.

Gel pen drawing

Gel pen drawing

I will make a few more and give them out as Christmas cards. Maybe you will be one of the lucky recipients.

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