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09 Jan

Etsy Shop Update: Paper Cut Heart and More!

The last piece of work I created in 2016 and the first I created in 2017 are finished, framed, and listed in my Etsy shop. One is a French Knots in paper piece using blue thread, and the other is a brand new and larger than previous paper cut heart. One of a kind framed […]

19 Dec

Recent Commissions: Paper Cut Letter and Wave

I’ve worked on a few small commissions over the last few weeks and have done a bad job of documenting them before they went on their way. I managed to take one quick photo of each of them, but not details. I made this custom letter paper cut for a client who came across my […]

12 Dec

Looking Towards The Moon

I am more focused on thread than paper lately but I have managed to slip in some paper cutting projects as well. This is a piece of work I finished shortly after the Culture Crawl and it framed in record time. I decided to title it Looking Towards The Moon, which at first I thought […]

05 Dec

Etsy Shop Update: Paper Embroidery and More!

I did another update to my Etsy shop and added more recent pieces, including three paper embroideries, and cut paper designs. All of the pieces come framed and ready to hang. French knot embroidery on paper listed on Etsy » French knot embroidery on paper, listed on Etsy » 3D Paper Cut work, listed on Etsy » […]

28 Nov

Etsy Shop Update: Succulents and 3D Paper Art

A update to my Etsy shop has been a long time coming, and now you can find six new pieces of recent work available for purchase. The update includes three framed paper succulents, and three framed pieces from the microcosm series that combine drawing and paper cutting. All of the work is framed and ready […]

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