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02 Nov

Autumn Diptychs, Portland

A photographer I’ve recently come across on Twitter got me thinking about diptychs again. I haven’t shot any in ages but I love shooting two separate images and creating an even more interesting composition from the combination. I shot these three while Boris and I were in Portland a few weekends ago. A Scattering of […]

05 May

A Weekend Away on Galiano Island

Boris and I were in need of a short getaway from the city and after exploring our options we settled on a weekend trip to Galiano. I’ve always wanted to visit Galiano Island but it’s taken me almost six years of living in Vancouver before I could get around to going. We took transit to […]

04 Aug

A myriad of subtle ways

My horoscope from Free Will Astrology is pretty kick ass this week: LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): If you really knew how much you were loved, you would never cry again. A sublime relaxation would flood your nervous system, freeing you to see the beautiful secrets that your chronic fear has hidden from you. If you […]

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