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05 May

A Weekend Away on Galiano Island

Boris and I were in need of a short getaway from the city and after exploring our options we settled on a weekend trip to Galiano. I’ve always wanted to visit Galiano Island but it’s taken me almost six years of living in Vancouver before I could get around to going. We took transit to […]

13 May

10 Good Things from the Weekend

It’s Wednesday, the day of the week that rests exactly at the point between the previous weekend and the one to come. I’ve been having a series of awesome weekends and I wanted to write up a “Good Things” list before the next one happened. Here goes: 1. Hanging out with Boris enjoying some excellent […]

05 May

In Memory of David Somers

A few days ago my mom called to tell me the news of my old friend David Somers passing away. She’d been reading the local paper and came across an article in the Brampton Guardian reflecting on his many contributions to the arts and culture in Brampton, Ontario. It mentioned his recent passing at the […]

28 Apr

Path of petals

“Pain and conflict are, to a large extent, the result of a discrepancy between the way we think others should treat us, react to us, and appreciate us, and the way they actually do. Many of our miseries are thus rooted in self-pity, the most worthless of all human emotions.” –Ann Davies, Qabalist teacher Too […]

04 Mar

2nd Annual Plastic Camera Show – RayKo Photo Gallery

Apparently the opening was a big success for the 2nd Annual Plastic Camera Show I’m in at RayKo Photo Gallery in San Francisco. I wish I could make a trip to San Francisco to see it… Thankfully the gallery has provided thorough photographic documentation of how things look, and I even spotted my own work […]

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