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17 Nov

Many Paws. An Altered Book About the Years of Change

Menopause is one of those things you don’t hear much about (or think about) until you’re over forty or have friends in their late forties and early fifties. If you’re a man, I’m sure you hear nothing about it at all. Last year a few of my friends were going through menopause and suddenly I […]

21 Sep

The Mesmerizing Drawing Machine of Sarah Gee

My friend Sarah Gee (who I featured in an artist interview back in April) recently released a video sharing the process behind the making of her concentric drawings. It is absolutely riveting to watch as she works. In the words of Sarah Gee: Making these takes a huge amount of concentration, and a fair amount […]

29 Aug

Those Who Make

I get really inspired when other artists and craftspeople share the process behind their work. The internet is a terrific resource for finding videos along these lines. I recently came across the blog, Those Who Make, and their curated collection of videos and interviews. Their content covers a wide range of materials, disciplines, and subjects, […]

01 Aug

Inspiration: Encontro das Águas at the Olympic Sculpture Park

I had a lovely time hanging out in Seattle last week with Boris and friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there without a specific event, so for this visit I made a point of getting out for an arts and culture fix every day. One of our adventures was visiting the Olympic […]

19 Jul

Why We Create

Opus Art Supplies posed three questions to artists visiting their store: Why do you choose to create? How does the creative process affect you? What makes a creative individual? Watch this video to learn their answers. It’s not very easy to come up with an answer to the question: Why do you choose to create. […]

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