Category: Commissioned Work

16 Sep

Circles and Animals: The Mouse

I’m jumping ahead a bit in sharing new work for the Circles and Animals series. I actually completed The Mouse after two other pieces in the series I have yet to share. This was commissioned by a client who was looking for new artwork to hand in their new Gastown offices. I shared a few […]

14 Aug

Artist Trades in Paper

A few times a year I arrange to trade work with other artists. It goes something like this: they like my artwork, and I like their artwork and so we work out a deal and make an exchange of work. My most recent trade is with origami artist, Joseph Wu. Over the last few years […]

28 May

Shortlisted for Ironclad Art

Ironclad Art is a competition put on by the City of Vancouver challenging people to come up with new manhole cover designs. As of the deadline in mid-April they received over one thousand submissions, all of which you can view online. Last week I was pleased to learn my work was selected as one of […]

20 Mar

Paper Instruments: I Want A Bird by Current Swell

Do you remember those paper instruments I was commissioned to make a few months ago? The music video they appear in has recently surfaced and I can finally share it with you. This is Current Swell’s latest release, “I Want A Bird”. The video was created by the wonderful team at Giant Ant.

18 Dec

A Series of Triangles

Have a mentioned before that 2012 has been a record year for commissions? Boy has it ever, and this is the last of them. This is a yarn-based mural I created in the offices of Pencilneck Software in Vancouver. I used the process and materials of creating a yarn tree as the jumping off point […]

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