December 11th, 2014 | Comments Off

I’ve had a few small commissions to work on for clients who ordered things during Culture Crawl. One of these is this small three dimensional paper cut for a good friend. She liked one of the pieces I had on display but wanted something similar in yellow rather than black.

Paper cut work in progress

Paper cut commission

Framed paper cut commission

The piece is small, only 5″ x 5″ from yellow card stock and backed with a lighter yellow in the framed version (which is too subtle to see in the photos). It resembles wheat blowing in the breeze rather than a wing as these pieces sometimes do. I’m inspired to do more work like this but on a larger scale going forward.

December 5th, 2014 | Comments Off

These are two recent commissioned pieces I created for clients over the last few weeks. This is the second paper cut letter C I’ve been requested to make, and the first Z (that’s zed not zee).

Paper Cut Letter C

Paper Cut Letter Z

This is one of the offerings I have available on Etsy as a made to order item. The client chooses the letter and colours, and I do the cutting.

You can order your own custom paper cut letter here »

October 22nd, 2014 | Comments Off

This is work I have been sitting on for months while I waited for the advertisements to be approved by the client and go to print. I was commissioned in June by ReThink Communications to cut and fabricate by hand two illustrated scenes created from ten layers of paper to advertise So Nice soy and almond milk.

Around the time I completed my part of the work I shared two tiny details of a bird and a maple leaf, one from each scene. It gives an idea of the scale I was working at, though both scenes once assembled were approximately 9.75″ high, 3.75″ wide, and 8″ long.

So Nice work
Work in progress of the Yoga pose diorama, just after all the layers were cut.

So Nice work-6
So Nice work-3
Work in progress of the Yoga pose diorama, fully assembled in my studio.

So Nice work-2
Work in progress of the Gardening diorama, just after all the layers were cut.

So Nice work-4
So Nice work-5
Work in progress of the Gardening diorama, fully assembled in my studio.

The paper I worked with was 100lb watercolour paper, which was a heavier paper than I was used to at the time. The agency wanted a handmade look and feel to the pieces, to suit the organic focus of the products. The blank cartons were provided by the client, and skinned in post-production by the agency.

The final version of the artwork used in the advertisement can be viewed in my portfolio.